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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Workn my *** off!

A crisp fall night tonight after spending 4 hours on school work....
Ok so...
Bon Iver is on pandora and here we go!

There are so many things that have passed throughout the summer that I simply lost track.  Here are random ones that I found found pictures or memories of....

What a wonderful night, filled with love, laughter, and cuddling
Our Hotel Bethlehem getaway

Many changes have come about this year.  To start today is the Dads birthday:)  Hehe he is 53.

 Times this month are stressful and thank god the fall weather is here!  Pure Sin is at its climax I would say and School has reached a level where there is no turning back; failure is my greatest motivator.  My daughter has grown and grown and I always want the best for her.  I remember growing up and always getting hand me downs.  I aim to get her as many cool and new things she can have.  And so far I have and do.  She comes first.  Before a new pair of shoes for me, an electronic item, or what ever it may be.  Yes I still have no smartphone, but boy I want an iphone, still have not my own car, and still live with my family.  However, those things will mature, and we will be on our own.  Recently I bought myself the cheapest I pod ever!  Never had one.  Yep 11 years later ha!  So I got one and got the hookup for my gmas old 02 honda and now have some good unique tunes.


Lunch one day

 Dinner one night.

 Custom order about 2 months ago... Lots of new halloween bows now though
 Little friends night....
 Wheels of time day with the kiddos I took them to...
Neat pictures.

 Veona and I on her first meet the teacher day!  She had her first hour on Tuesday and tomorrow her first 2.5 hours!  Ohhh boy I hope the waterworks do not come on my part again tomorrow.

She is so beautiful it takes my breath away.

 New pumpkin creation I made.  Grandmothers old vase, filled with candycorn and these sooooooo rad pumpkins I got from Giant on a stick.  Made of this almost corn husk material.  I loveeeee them!  And boy is our home decorated for Halloween like never before!  I keep getting more and more items and creative its sooo fun!

 Father of mine.  I love my dear old daddy!

 I got us matching PJs.  Yup im that corney ok!  Dave, Myself, and Veona are all skeleton pj people!  So love them.  I have many shirts like these and Veona had them last year for PJs but I wanted us all to have good quality ones:)

A relationship I have always yearned for is finally mine.  David, my beloved man is just amazing.  You can only dream of a man like him.  He is every womans wish. He is handsome, He is the best artist around in drawing/illustrating, painting and graphic design talent, He is honest, He is caring and compassionate, He is intelligent, He is funny, He is hardworking, and last but not lease he is nummy and leaves me speechless. My bf and I are just truly great.  We really just jive.  We are both established artists of many mediums and have our own business.  He has his amazing game store, I have my accessory business, it's so fun and yet can be challenging since we both have great advice and are some what opinionated lol.  He is always there for me physically, and emotionally.  He mades me proud;) We are both very strong and talented and quirky.  He makes me melt and we have such a great little new family going.
I love you

Veona had her first day ever with a stranger or should I say school teacher and kids today.  ( i cried, I never left her before without a family member or best friend)  Mrs. Quin her teacher is welllll beyond educated and so lovely.  She is from NY brooklyn, is pretty and has a masters and bach from NY university.  She taught 2nd and 3rd grade for 10 yrs and now has 3 boys of her own.  I feel at ease and so pleased Veona has such a great first teacher.  Veona did sooooo well.  Found her name on her bin and even spelled her name to her teacher (she was floored, so shocked i saw her take a step back and face just omg) and my eyes glossed up, I was so proud and just so sad at the same time.  She got her little bus sticker and put it on the wall and gave me a big kiss said bye Mom and I love you so nonchalantly I nearly fell over.  I walked out to my car with tears rolling down my cheeks, tears of joy and fear in a difficult sense to explain.  Veona is very attached to me and to see her be so easy going was rewarding in the sense that what I have been teaching her with Mommy being gone when she went to school was setting in.  It was nice to do it alone and yet nice to call my loved ones and share it with them as well as some tears and laughs.  I can not wait to see what she brings home with crafts and other neat items.  I already started the Mom fundraiser thing and wow its so new doing it as a parent!

Anywho some odds and ends ...

The new hair.  Plus I have been sporting my mommy necklace since this week has been so emotional in good and sad ways.  She has the special key to my heart always.

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