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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pure Sin Craft show dates 2011

June 11th Indiemade craft market Bethlehem Pa
June 25- Art walk Bethlehem Pa
 July 9th- Art show Emmaus pa
July 30th-Art walk B. Pa
August- 13th- Art show Emmaus Pa
August20th- Art show Pa
August 27th- Art Walk B. Pa
September 10th- Art show Emmaus Pa
September 11th -Craft show Northampton Pa
October 8th-Art show Emmaus Pa
December 3rd- Art show Fire company #1 Emmaus Pa
December 15th-Craft show Northampton Pa

The photo at the top is of my packaging :)  and this one right up derrrr
Is my dirty work lol  Making bottlecaps and resin skulls and rectangle
necklaces.  It is going great I have been making so many new things and have really planed all my shows and future things.  I am making invoices, inventory, and all costs.  Starting to get more organized then ever and way more professional!  Woo go me :)
Ohh btw there is this event that I cant help but think of Portland called
First Friday and I am so going to try to do it I really hope I can wing it and its going to be neat. 
Portland always had First Thursday so hopefully this can compare! 

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