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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Innovative Manga hair bows!!!

Manga bow.
 So here is the big secret guys.  I honestly have never seen these made before!
I must say I got a big hint or idea from Devin who mentioned doing them with comic book pages and I decided to do Manga first.  I like manga because the books have more pages and have many cool characters.
 I ended up getting 3 books.  1 is Japanese Manga and the other is Kingdom hearts and one is a zombie manga one.  I ended up reading them and I just love them and actually ended up keeping a bow or so for me!
 So the comic bows will be photographed and on here and etsy soon I just have not photographed them yet.  I did a showcase today on etsy under geekery for the ducktape bows and got many hits and about 5 people who added it to there favorites.

Another new bow :)
Lady skeleton bow

Cool eh!  
With love
I hope you like it guys!
Ps you know me I already have a new nerdy bow coming that is totally different materials then ribbon, paper, or clay and I can't wait to try them!!!
Pure Sin

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