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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good times Bday, AC, and Veona :)

My Birthday 5-26-89 fast forward to 2011
Auntty Natty threw me a great Party.
Veona spent the night with us all and I was in a lay low mood so had one glass of champagne and one mixed drink :)  And munched my brains out haha
Me and Pat
 Me and Hannah
 Me and Natty
 Us :)

 Acity times!!!!
 Lovvve this picture of us on the boardwalk near the beach in Atlantic City NJ baby
Veona and I passed out  Nappy time haha
 My bday cards and presents this year I was so thankful for...
Gift card to michaels
Skull hand carved jewlery box with a ring and 10$
Framed of picture of me natty and Veona
2 Victoria secret bathing suits and pants
1 Script Tattoo "Changes"

Veonas bath time last week :)

My fav!!
Miso soup
Our new sprinkler

Back to school work, Making Items and O a surprise to tell you all next week I have been saving for about 4 months haha.

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