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Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring done Summer lets give it a whirl :)

Well I am sorry I was MIA I was plain old relaxing and taking an internet break!  Today I was back in action catching up on emails, work, my etsy, pictures and so much more.

I made the deans list for school!!!
I had
B- Math
B- CIS 105 (computer)
3.0 GPA

I am so so very proud of myself :)

Although I am very very tired, burned out and dreading these summer classes.  I got my books yesterday and boy was it "real" then that summer course are really coming.  This week could not be long enough.  I can not tell you the last time I have been this lazy haha.  But I needed it!!  So I have class Monday nights 6-9ish and then 2 online courses.  I am really sticking to trying to get B's :)

Other then that  I have just been watching many movies with my little precious girl and running a bit and making some items. It has rained just about every single Dayyyyyy which does not happen in Pa very often.  Usually April rains a lot then a bit in May not this much.  So it is bittersweet reminding me of Portland and so forth.  On the bright side we love getting use out of are rainboots, umbrellas, and walks in the rain :)  Veona loves her adorable raincoat from our dear cali love chelsea :)

She is so beautiful and happy!

Playing with colors and doing workbooks :)

 The barbie collection :)  Which we have a new addition haha as of yesterday whom is not here yet.
The new items.  
Guys I just added 7 new items to Etsy today :)
Getting things done and happy 

New zombie hand bow
 New larger cameo
Chloe my sisters cat.
Well I like her butttttt
She is not a nice cat a lot of the time unfortuantly.  She is pretty mean and regretfully has bitten veona and not been nice.  Although, she is getting better since we watch her more now and we may have to keep her since my sister is moving about 40 mins away.

My love....
Best gift ever thanks Nanny.  My wine/ sushi boat.  
Gosh do I love.
I have been getting a good amount of sushi lately and dining out a lot  I must say.  Veona and I had a wonderful dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and it was great.  Just her and I to celebrate my grades and success.  

We also have been going out to eat more in general the last couple of months too.  
It is my birthday next week and honestly I am not really caring I suppose.  I miss my gma and am just not feeling it this year.  I am thankful for what I have and whom is in my life but just do not really want to do anything.  We shall see have a good night all.
Love Janelle

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