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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back in action, busy bee, and so on and so forth :)


Mothers day was bittersweet.  It was a beautiful day outside but I missed my grandma immensely.  Veona was very sweet as always and in the morning said Happy mothers day!
She is very loving, and cuddly more then ever now.  The other night I said
"Veoneeeees My belly hurts" she says" its ok mommy"(pats me on the back)" I'll kiss it"  I truly have raised a very kind and loving little girl and I am sooo proud.
Mothers day photos

 At my moms with my sister, veona, and myself.
 Our mothers day photo.
I love this new dress I got It fits perfect and really flatters my look.

 Well this was the best part of the day.
My mothers day gift was....
Veona learning to ride her tricycle all by herself :)
I am sooo happy and thrilled for her.  I have been helping her and training her feet on the pedals and so on and she did it on her own.  I was so very pleased but she hasnt totally gotten to the point where she can be on her own yet.
 Look at that lady :)
Those glasses really rock!
Later that night watching movies and playing with monster.
I will tell ya what more and more we are always getting stopped on how beautiful her eyes and how cute she is.  It has always happened every since she was a baby but now since she is talking verrrrry much its too darn cute.  At the park this weekend while my family fished she and I and my niece played at the park and we had this lady just go on and on about veona it brings a hugeee smile to my face.

 Such love!!!! and kisses and squeeezes

Some good grub.  Salads and tuna sandwhich.

New lady lolita skeleton necklace with setting :)  
Check out the new etsy!!
Craft show this saturday in Emmaus folks.
I finally got my mothers day gift I have been wanting forever!
The new REebox Zigs.  I am in loveeeeeee.  I broke them in within 13 hours and went for a mile run on saturday and boy did it feel good but I am still sore.  I am really getting back into "fit" shape.  I am tired of dieting and just minor toning I want to get my GREAT body back.

I must say I never liked animal print actually I HATED IT although it is back in style and now I like it :)  I just usually accessorize with it rather then wear it.  I only have one cheetah shirt and a half zebra one on the sleeves but it just is neat cuz Veona loves it.  

My new shoes I got on clearance at Kohls.  My very first pair of Vera wang shoes and boy are they killer.  So jazzed about the lace up look and the wedge/leather look as well.  

 Just a beautiful picture I took in Acity and wanted to share.
with love

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