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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty Rad

Our start of the day making creations with Perler beads :)

Bows of course duhhh....

Onto more.  Bear with me they are my first trys since I was 7 haha

I like this one best :)
Pretty Rad and so many other ideas not in hair bows to come folks

My first couple of creations more to come.
On another note...
Ny Ink

Well you know me and my love for Tattoos and Ny Ink was on just an hour ago and me and loving Artists and Tattoos I had to watch it.  Plus Megan Massacre( great model from Philly)  I have always lovedddd her work and the shop she used to watch at deep 6 in philly which is hands down the best especially the owner Paul Acker.  I have always wanted to get work done by Paul, and Megan and when I heard about3-4 months ago about her being on the show I was jazzed.  She is so cute, talented and seems pretty Rad.   Here is her Model Mayhem

Well not  only was the show cool but I knew and have spoke with the one girls on it name Alysha Nett.  She is a very rockin model and I actually have asked her to model some of my line and she said she pretty much likes the cameo rings :)  I never got to send her one but its all good she is a sweet lady.  She got a neat Tree tattoo with good meaning and an awesome spot on the show.  We just spoke on facebook and I told her she rocked it and was beautiful, educated and sounded so sweeet :) Here is her Model Mayhem.

Not to sound "uncool" but it was pretty sweet being in contact with someone who is on Tv that is big and also my tattoo artist went to high school with Megan which is a small world.  he told me she used to be blond and oober quite.  Hmm well I think she seems pretty modest in her own little way and Im not gonna lie I still wanna get tattooed by her :)

Anywho, had to add that before Ny Ink was that woman cop show.  Haha I never watch that garbage but had it on while making some things and it was funny because the one lady was going as an undercover cop and said " I have always wanted to be a whore so I had to be a Red head" lollllllz
I literally laughed out loud for a bit.  Not only have I never really trusted read heads but never liked them.  And well it is true.... They pretty much are yuck maybe minus 3% of them.  
Well hope you like the fliks off to make more perler bead creations many more to come folks I am jut getting started!!!


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