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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Rockabilly necklace" "Pin up" "Bottle cap Necklace"

Sailor Jerry traditional tattoo rose bottlecap necklace

This is one of my new bottlecap designs that are tattoo and pin up inspired.  They are all now filled with epoxy/ resin and are absolutely stunning.  Now I finally have made over 100 of different kinds such as
Tattoo style(with pin up, traditional art and sugar skulls) and Animal print.  
I shall be adding some more designs in the near future as well.  
They are tricky to make but a ton of fun at the same time.  I like a challenge and these keep me on my toes as I find more tricks of the trade with each batch I make.  

Rockabilly Lady bottle cap pendant.
I have many different varieties of these and they have become a big seller due to the neat, vixen lookin ladies.  This one is the 2nd most popular and about 2 others out of the 10 I have.
Check out the new items on etsy all of yas :)

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