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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 11th Indiemade craft market

This is how the show looked.  Great size really nice vendors and Great music :)

My Display
I decided to do two tables this time :)
It worked great actually to grab more attention and give me more time to talk to others and mingle.  It also made it not so cluttered.
Since Pure Sin is a lot more established, professional, and full of new addens I have invested in a huge vinyl banner with all the info for people to see from a far and it looks so great I can not wait to get it.  I found out from the vendor behind my stand that this website does great work for a great price and I caved.  It was not too bad just 50$ and its 4x6 and very nice color and quality I am jazzed.

 Let me tell you what my new Silver stand that looks very classy was a Hugeee hit and boy am I glad I took the risk and invested money into it and the product that goes on it.  I was very leanant due to the necklaces and materials being more expensive but I SOLLLLLLLD OUT of the large cameos and boy was it great to see customers reactions and interest.  I am now stocking up and having more varieties how exciting its such a rush really I love pleasing others and showing my work to the world really.
 More bows and my new resin bottlecaps with tattoo style work, animal print, and sugar skulls.  Sold many bows and about 4-6 bottlecaps necklaces and pendants.
This show was great I made good profits and met some really nice people.  I even got caught up in good conversation with a few I may add.

 So in the craft world it is sometimes taboo to ask to trade so I NEVER do.  I let them bring it up and this wonderful lady who makes great soaps did.  She bought many items from my shop earlier in the day and she decided she wanted more and well yanno my love for organic soaps and cupcakes.  And how convenient she was right across from me and had cupcake bath bombs OMGG i died instant want want want. Haha so we traded some bows necklaces and soaps and boy that bath bomb felt great the other night and the soap is splendid what a nice lady.

 Can you say inspiration????
This team of sister and brother had the most beautiful, creative, antique designs with forks and silverware turned into chimes and hooks and earrings and so much more.  I lovvvvved there items so much and talked to the Man quite a while it was awesome.
Now onto some other random activities
Mall trip?  
Haha my gf replace a pair of shoes for me since she broke them and well I got these.  You all know I have a shoe obsession and well who can pass these up???
They are actually 90$ shoes she got for 38$  What a deal man.  So they are my latest addition.
 Items I got for Veona with my craft money.  I am sooo happy I found the coolest shirts for her with a cute girl and sunglasses and bows and a skully one and omgggg cupcake flip flops and a cute as can be owl backpack.  The only thing missing are her new sunglasses and Veona haha.  She was such a great girl that day and we had dinner with icecream afterwords.  I cant wait to get more owl things for her new room and what a cute lunchbox to start with for the summer and picnics and pool time :)
 Meg also got me this for my bday at the mall. I love her sooo much.  Corpse bride and isnt it Rad!!
Some good grub I made lately...

My newest, proud addition.  I finally got my self a "real" cell phone plan.  I am so happy because now I have a plan with my OWN name and not under anyone else or a pre paid like I had for a couple years.  It was def necessary and well I got a great deal from Tmobile.  I just have 500 mins a month with unlimited text and free nights and weekends for about 50/month.  So the guys was really nice and helped me out with a low fee to start it and a free phone.  How great and cool of him.  I know Tmobile isnt the greatest but its a start and All I can do for now.
Welcome to some beach preview.  
I must say I have over 100 fliks and well I must spend more time getting together the ones I want to blog about and such.  So here are a few keepers.  Saved a couple Favs for the beach blog.
The only item I got for myself was a wine cork and charms
I have always wanted some since I am a MAJOR wino and well I finally caved.  They were a good price and something I new I would def use.
Arnt they adorable.
Super Rad, I already put them to good use with my favorite wine I could not wait :)

So many more photos to come From the beach in Ocean City Maryland!
Some goodies :)
The waves were relaxing, glorious, and so soothing.

One of my favorites.  How beautiful.  She is my Love.
Have a blissful day

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