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Monday, October 10, 2011

What a beautiful weekend...

What has been called the Janellumpkin haha. 
So I drew this from one of my modeling shots a while back just tweeked it a tad.  It turned out pretty Rad and I love halloween and wanted my own pumpkin for in my sleek and sophisticated room :) 

 Veona in the yard with chalk.  Take notice to the halloween decorations in the sides.  I got this awesome skull wind chime from hallmark made from bamboo.
 Our new pepper plant.  Look at all the beautiful colors.  Love me colorful creations.
The front porch.  Getting ready for the parade this saturday!!! EEEEEEEeeek.
It will be awesome.  Sadly some important people will not be making it but it is what it is.  It still will be epic as it is one of my fav days of the year!!!!!
I shall have to take pictures at night to show the awesome new things I got and put up.  Hintttt lightsssssss

 Dad helping me saw a piece of a motherboard for a custom order on etsy.  I was going to try to do it but well I like my hands and kinda need them and well yeahhhh.

 The fish hatchery

 so it was sooo much fun.  But nerve wrecking at times.  The kids sometimes get soooo close and all excited and I am like ohhh sheeeesh please careful omg omg dont fall and such haha.
 the wishing well
 The Park.  How nostalgic.....
 Veona in Oregon :)

 Veona in Pennsylvania

 A pretty tree that grabbed me.  Ohhhh how I love fall, the leaves, colors, weather, and so much more.

Well I have to study major english midterm today.... Wish me luck.
Busyyyyy busy week.  Many things to do, think of, craft, cook, play, read, and have fun :)

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