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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tad of dis and that!

Here is the one wine I got from the wine tasting in bear creek!
This one is my almost very favorite.  What do ya know it is called "Red Vixen" hahahhah
The glass is neat and a great memory.  Do you take notice to my gmas vintage sugar and flower containers.  Yes they are from her wedding back in zeeeee day!!!

 Dinner the dad made last night!
 Homemade pancakes I made last week.  Even the brother said they were the best pancakes he EVER tasted!!!  I got a special recipe from online and omg they were amazing.  I felt like my gma was with me making them and having Veona sit at the butcher block and wait to eat them!! They are her favorite.
 Back to crafting and shipping orders today.  I have caught up on making swatch boxes a bit buttttt am working on my comic book resin necklaces/ magnets now :)  School is going great and life is awesome!!!  Things are really falling in to place and good things do come to those who wait and work hard!!!!


  1. yum to dinner and can i come watch that's on of my favorite movies

  2. Haha it was yyummy. And of course lol I would love the company :) Happy Halloween or Halloscream I should say !!!