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Friday, October 7, 2011

Veonas new room!

Before pictures!
This is what the room looked like before I tackled it.  

 Paint color vs the wallpaper.  Yes I painted over the wall paper because I new I was putting texture on it and would make it work.  In addition, it was a good shape with no tears, wrinkles and so fourth.

Taaaa da!!!!
Pink and Green Owl theme.  Is special to me.  My gma passed in this room and she was very loved by us and very wise.  Very symbolic and sentimental to us.  Also, Veona when she was little would always go hooooo hoooo when we saw big eyes on something or an owl since I taught her that noise.  It always made me all fuzzy inside.  :)
 She is sooooo proud!

Isnt it adorable.  I put lots of hard work into with some of my sister and Aunt.  However I picked everything and almost paid for it all too!!! Felt great.
Paint (p $ primer in one bear) Pink 35$ Home depot
White 35$ Home depot
Green 35$ Home depot
Blue Tape Brushes/Rollers etc 100$ Home Depot
Toy stand 65$ Target
Green seat block 17$ target
Bedding 70$ Target
Sheets 20$ Target
Shades 45$ Lowes
Fabric for both sets of Curtains 40$
Green Table 20$ target
Owl pillow mini one 12$ Etsy
Owl Rug 35$ Target
Green bins 10$ Target
Owl Lamp 35$ Target
New Jammies and clothes - too much!
Me thinks thats it :)
Veona's face and my Hard work-priceless

xoxo bbyefor now

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  1. This is so cute, omg you did such a good job Janelle!