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Monday, October 24, 2011

Past the 100th mark on Etsy!!!!!

So this very first picture was of my 100th customer.  If you all check my Pure sin fb which you shoulddddddd it is on there :)  She is named Kimberly and is from NY she got about a 45-50$ extra gifts for being my 100th customer.  I was so veyr pleased and have been on a great creative kick lately.
 New vintage comic book magnets/ necklaces.  All hand done by me :)
 New skull/ cherry bow
 Fire pit/ bon fire we had the other night.  Burning papers that should be disintegrated!!!

Some people need to stay out of our business, and live there own lives and not worry how rad and awesome mine/ours is.  Ha I think its funny really.  Jealousy.  Gosh some Loser East coasters I tell ya!!!  Some people are so dull, lazy, unintelligent, and uncreative.  Don't be madd at me/us try looking in the mirror and bettering yourselves(if thats possible).  Grow up and get a life.
 The new Frankie
 And someone just purchased this one of a kind mini top hat a few hours ago.  103 Sales on Etsy now!!!!
I am so stoked about this one too!!!
I had a great weekend away as well.  I got to spend time with some very special people in my life, attend a haunt and go to a wine tasting event.  Simply marvelous.  I am very much loving my life right now, kickin butt in school, and business is booming.  I love my family and some of the new ones in my life :) xoxo

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