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Friday, January 13, 2012

Etsy Showcase. Pure Sin

Featuring Pure Sin's Pink geek chic bow!!
I decided to put this in a geekery showcase because its new, rad, and I need some exposure on it and my shop :)
It has been about 5 or so months since I showcased something so wooo...
Ohhh and o my gosh how could I have forgot!!! Its FRIDAY THE 13TH
Had to showcase today guys!!!

Have a great weekend.
Back to the grind of school on Monday until May yup haha

Pure Sin


  1. uh oh...good luck with school Janelle and by the way you are awesome. You have turned your life around in such an amazing way and I love it! And I love that you celebrate all Christmas's haha!

  2. Aww thanks Jacq!! I am trying so hard with many things and am sooo focused with school. However, i do get impatient lol. I do have some great people in my life too!!!Hope all is well for you lady last time i checked it was and its ur birfff day soon!!! Yay wish I could go with to celebrate I talked to Chelsea bout it. Xoxo