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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade Crayons, dinner, cut out cookies, smoothie and more!

Homemade din din the other night
Chicken marinated in kikoman and ranch.  Homemade mash tatoes lol and ya kno the fixins.  
 New blender and food processor.  So I put this bad boy to the test.  I made a smoothie out of 10 ice cubes, chobani yogurt, oranges (in a fruit cup) 1cup water, 2 cups blueberries, and pineapple.  For my first smoothie try it was good and not to mention healthy:)
 The new cookie cupcake jar I should say the sister got me for Xmas.  There are the homemade cut out cookies I made.  Made them with the kiddos on saturday for Dave and well the kids!!!  We needed sweets and it was fun.
 Homemade crayons!!!
I found this on Pinterest and well they were awesome.  Kind of more work then I thought because cutting them into pieces and putting them in the mold was more painstaking then I imagined.  O well they came out neat and look so Rad.
 Homemade banana pancakes.  They were delishhhhhhhhhhhh
What neat color combos and love how it twirls and spins around.  So fun.
 New boots:)  Straight A's do get ya somthing lol.  Plus clothing:)
 Sweet and yummy
 Oh so healthy and fun texture.
Have a great day.
I have math class tonight and gym time.
It's my beautiful daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow:)  Birthday Party Saturday and fun day tomorrow!!!!!
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