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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pure Sin Etsy. Updated for 2012!

So can you find what is updated???
I know I sure can.
The banner and logo!!!  Pure Sin is really getting organized, updated, and more professional for 2012.  I am also slammin out some new creations as far as my collection goes.  My attempt to do ducktape wallets was a sad failure because they took too long, were tedious and not fun, and waisted tonz of duck tape which I no likey!  So I have decided on vinyl debit card wallets.  They are awesome and I will design the image to slide in them!  They are my major new project for the next couple months.

So take a gander at my store now!!!!

The new banner for 2012

                                                     Pure Sin logo updated and revamped...
                                                                   Isnt she just a doll.
Pure Sin 2012 flyer.
So the goal is to put these as many places as I can.  However, I am already out of printer ink.  I put them all over my college on main campus and well hopefully my hits increase and so fourth.  I am keeping a close eye on my hits and areas and such.   I yearn to bust out some amazing new stats this year and keep on growing.
My boyfriend, artist, graphic designer, biz owner, best friend Dave designed all of these for me and is ever so talented.  We worked on this flyer for about 4 hrs together and I am so thankful and happy with it.  Now its time to see the results in the next couple months :)

So its a rainy day but I wont let it bring me down folks.  I got homework to complete, party things to prepare, cleaning, and chores!!!  Gahhhhhh.  Let it all begin.

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