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Monday, January 9, 2012

January brings new items... and sickness!

New custom order I just got and this is how they turned out :)
4 hot pink custom computer memory hair bows!
Real jazzed about them and just shipped them today.
I made and extra so I will Etsy it soon!
 Veona on her very own computer!!!
I set this up for the kids in the play room.
Its on the other half of my craft table area and well its nice because they can do this dora game and they just got a new computer kindergarden game for them too for Russian Xmas!

 Homemade goodness for all us sickies!!!
Yes well Veona has been sick for about 1.5 weeks and well I got that awful 24hr bug the worst I ever got it.  I was soooooooooo sick.  Luckily I had loved ones really help me :)
Still recouping actually and today I decided to make home made split pea because the man loves it and well I never made it before and its amazing!!!
Many are sick and I hope everyone makes it ok!
Stay warm and healthy guys!

 Homemade chicken with veggies soon to be turned into home made chicken noodle soup :)
Stay well all!!!

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