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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Absolulty BEAT!!

Yay my business card!!
Pure Sin is the name of my "business" my handmade items ! So stoked things are really coming together and i am now officailly selling my necklaces/earrings (more items soon) at Wizards World III. In emmaus and Custom Computer Works (my job) in emmaus as well.. Soon the etsy will be started and i will be in the Emmaus artissans market every last sunday of the month from aug - nov. I AM SOOO HAPPY the ball is rolling and i sold my first necklace yesterday how exciting!

Foood wise i have been cooking a lot i actually just made a huge pasta dinner with chicken rice and green beans but it was a sit down dinner with my bgf and her kids and me and v so i didnt want to tak epictures lol. And i made brownies for the tattoo shop friends o mine but also forgot to take a photo :(( sorrys. I have been on the cool crazy diet thing from gnc called 7 day clense and have barely been eating besides salads and fruit so its cool....

Tarot cards well ive been slackin must say i just read the ones i get every day in my email buttt im do them now tehhhheee!

XIV TEMPERANCE-cotompromise brings happiness. Perhaps you're not viewing matters objectively? try to see the other side of the story. Use common sense and good management. The people around you are more set in their ways now. Postpone arguments and debates until they can open their minds.

III THE EMPRESS(reversed)-You're expecting things to come too easily. Be careful not to give up right away whenthe don't. You're feeling a desire to escape, to withdraw into yourself. Shrug off your current lack of fucus and work diligently to achieve your goals.

VII THE CHARIOT-Victories are on your horizon. Reject negative people but don't jude them harshly. Appeal to others' sense of fair play. This is a very good time for travel, taking a break, and getting away.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES-You may be doubting your ability to live up to your responsibilities. Believe in yourself, but dont look for too much approval from others at this time. Rewards will arrive when you work independently, in your own way.

* those are great! Can relate in soo many ways and ohh the vacation veryyy much need btw!

So also i got to pick up my flyers monday for my runway event in philly YAYYY its becomin sooo real now and i cant wait! Soi am putting them all over the lehigh valley thanks to Bee for letting me get them from her house. Yeahhhhh hme and here are the only lehigh valleersss haha thats awesome!

Well on the school note yup thats comign up too i have to go register for my classes with my advisor on thursday i am looking forward to it! i def wanna take a math psch and art/history class so 3 in all but im scared i mite only do 2 i dunno.

As far as the Emmaus artisans market goes i am SOO STOKED but also stresssed a tad its a lot of work.. not only do i have to make alll the stuff moreeee stuff but it must be good and yeah ( up too over 400$ now) and i need to spend more not only the 115$ fee for the actuallly fee to be in it but i gotta get a table and a canopy ahhh even walmart prices for both items are around 200$ almost for both geez i dont have that kind of money. Humhph so im getting worried but like they all say u must SPEND MONEY to get money ya know! I just am soo prou dof mysself its like im beign soooo creative not only having fun but doing it all on my own as a single parent ya kno. Sheesh i work at work in 3 diff ways a mommy an assistant and a business owner of myself sheeshh.. Well anywho im beat its shower time and tiem to watch my netflix with some tea! Chow

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