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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a weekend full of awesomesaucesness!!!

Well Friday was THE BEST DAY EVER!! I worked but it wasnt bad since my sister took my daughter for the day to my gmas with my niece so they could play in the pool! So it was relaxing and i got some time to myself at work even tho i was busy sending 300000000 emails ! but thennn i got my bday tat and its amazing i love it sooo much and my bestest friends doing it for MEEE !That was nice too so i got moreeee free time to relax get tattie zapped and enjoy my buddies company and such. It was sweet plus ima starting sellin my top hats and necklaces at the tat shop!WOOO so stoked. But then went with my girly to her place with veona and cooked made salads drank some yummmmy mixed drinks then came bak to my place for fireworks with my buddy it was splendid and we hung till 11 or so!! PURRFACT DAY!

These are the flower arrangments i did today i LOVE THEM beautiful gosh the 1st time i bought myself flowers and my daddy or someone didnt get them for me! sooo happy there lovely!

Sooo stunning!

So these have been my salads the past couple o days!!!
Tofu walnuts cranberrys broc. spices colliflower and lowfat ranch!

Now this is a major concocksion. eggs walnuts peacons cranberrys dried plums or raisions not sure which spices feta cheese lowfat ranch and carrots and yeah... soo yummy Now off to go get pool passes i did grocery shoppin and cleaning ohh and my boss gave me a sickkkk new tv yays and umm then maybe gmas themn PARTRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY time tonight yaaaaaa. Then tom fam bam time and fireworks with my beautiful daughter veona and family with a mikes limade of course!!!!HAPPY 4TH BE SAFE

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