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Friday, October 15, 2010

Buzzzy bee and back breaking!

So the halloween Parade is Tomorrow In Emmaus!!!
I am very excited but very tired and overwhelmed with all I have to do. My whole family is all making stuff but sadly my grandma is still very sick with cancer and its so sad and hard since this will be our last year having it :(
to those who dont know the parade is HUGEEEE event in Emmaus and one of the biggest parades in the Us for the size over our small , cute town I call home :)
So the chocolate candies which took me about 2 hours of tedious work but I do enjoy it just the clean up was rough and a mess and my back has been both ering me so that did not help.
But anywho

A cat and Draqula Spider dom skull ribcage with sprinkles and a spider

skull dome green skull purple ghost
hehe Frankenstein my fav ... the pic doesnt do it justice but its spiffy as well as teh others in diff colors

The mummys

Almost all of them in the ContainerAnd now all the cupcakes....

... Vanilla cake with white icing and sprinkles

Choc peanut butter icing and rainbow confetti cake

Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles and skull topper
confettie cake and white icing

and more...

Vanilla cake with choc icing and a skull topper
All done for now and well i have much to make tomorrow and a cool ribcage big ice mold to make a huge ice chunk out of it for the punch bowel weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im stoked. A
nd miss Veona is Alice and we watched it about 55 times today haha...

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