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Friday, October 22, 2010

Veona my BEAUTIFUL darling...

Veona in her new hat new clothes and even Mc Ds yes i said it... I caved.. shes almost 2 and i wanted her to play there... of course with my hand sanitizer in my hands all on her almost every 8 mins haha.. but she actually didnt like it so we left.. but she was adorable today.. with aunty amy o course and mommy and well.. she says AMY NOW... omg were sooos toked about it.. she is sooo smart and omggggg
NO MORE PATSY... yup i took it away 3 days ago and shes going good... no more patsy even at night!!! I am soo proud of myself.. I new i have been wanting too and just one day she lost it.. an di decided NO MORE PATSY..

Veona is soooo beautiful when she sleeps... edited of course in green ... green is her favorite color and she says green all the time more then the other colors.. i think its cute
Some New pictures of Veona in new clothes a new carseat and an elmo ballon.

My new J cup that its a neat story actually

Well i was at a store with Veona and she picked it up and of course i said put it back so I toook it looked at it and just could not help myslef but she picked the J... out of all the mugs there alll the letters a 1 in 26 chance she got the J i said *sigh* Imust get it.. so it was on sale for 5or so dollars so i got it.... but i dont like pink and cheetah isnt my thing but i make stuff with it so its all cool....

My new bows I made the other day...

So Veona and I made our Halloween Gingerbread House!!
This time it was not easy since we had to put it together ourselves withthe icing and all
Which yessss it did fall a couple tiems but just took patience and "the touch" ...
but was fun and more of a 2 day project
But its cute... .not perfect but cute... hey u try makign it look like the box
specially with the cruddy materials they give you and a almost 2 yr old wanting it "her way" saying "I DO I DO I DO" haha. but sooo fun
creepy and sooo cute the box it came in!
So these are some nice pictures of me...:)
With my new flower hair accessories and bump it hair piece which duddddddddddddddddddddddddddddde
IT WORKS no lie its fabulous stays in dosnt show does not fall and is easy as pie.
I love it and totally got it for 1$ from my friends at CVS we got lucky it was on clearance.
these are they new things im making and I have about 8 of them and will be selling them at my Oct 31st artisans market in emmaus 10-2 pm... come get some!

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