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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The weekend

These are my TWO FAVORITE PICTURES ever!! I love the top one it is beautiful and in such a moment!! The bottom is fun and cute and sooo halloween us!! Gosh i love her to pieces
no makeup no nothing just clean out of the shower/bath and ready to read a book and go to bed! Where did you get them eyes???She is soo beautiful. Aww her and her new sleeper and toothbrush!!! It is funny cuz i let her pick the dora vibrating toothbrush thinking she wouuld LIKE it and ohhh boy she hates when it vibrates lol she gets scared and screams and runs hahah so i dont turn it on but she loves brushing her teeth its wonderful...Oh Veona your too funny.

How I love my Daddy and Veona... IF you dont know she calls him DD which is gpa in russian...

The Fish hatchery in Allentown Pennsylvania is like no other. I have never actually went to any other fish hatcheries so I dont know if this is the only one??? But it is fabulous and 2 mins up the road. It is free and is only 2$ to feed the fish for a whole bag. You can make a fun day of it and even picnic if you like. So we did that on saturday after grocery shopping which boy Veona is sooo spoiled by my dad anything she wants Veona gets lol. Instead of whatever lola wants its whatever Veona wants!!!!!!!

Veona trying to make friends lol it almost looks as though she is trying to kiss her haha she is looking at her saying hello lol this lil girl would not anwer her it was funny.

Veona and I... Love
Veona can have her own moments as well...............................................................................................

Here is the beauty queen. All decked out in her new outfit from childrens place. Gosh i love that place and just load up on stuff for Veona. Her new shirt with leggings and skirt in one in black o course. Also new shoes from striderite size 7!!! wooo hoo.. I love shopping for her more then me. Kids stuff is too cute and I can put her in stuff id never wear so its fun!! I also ended up getting a matching shirt to the skeleton huddy i got her. In a boys XL of course but ;) im a kid at heart! hehe

Veonas dinner last night! with her new dora placemat. We actually then went to Ice Cream World which is off of hamilton street in Allentownish area which is right across from Dorney Park which is a HUGGGGE amusment park attraction in Pa. It is homemade icecream and is AbsolutLY DELICIOUS. I had hard pumpkin icecreram in a cone with choc and nuts soooo scrumptious. Veona got pbf with non parels in a kids dish. Then we went to the mall and got more clothes for Veona. I shall post pics of her new clothes every Post i think ;)))

Bath time the other night! She is too cute ehh haha what a pistal.
Goodnight dont let the bed bugs bite!!
Ps. I have 144 fans on fb for puresin and am up to 11 sales on Etsy and had a wonderful sucessful sale at the artisan fair last last sunday. 80$ woo hoo. School is splended an A- in Art history and a B ish in bus management. Just did my midterm for art which was 5 essays ohh boy i hope i did well..

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