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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just breath... Just believe

So I have been wanting to share this with you all for quite sometime. I seem to forget that my blog is called "dinner craft movie" well I have the dinner and crafts down but I forget about the "movie" part a lot just beacause well sadly I dont see many and its a lot of work and time that I rather put into other pictures and such... Butt here we go!!

Wall Street !
I love it. First, I love this picture to the left because well it was a neat scene and I like it because it reminds me of the Max in portland and all the many many times I was on it. The photo below wellllll FAVORITE PART OF MOVIE and best quote "Stop lying about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you"
and Gosh darn do I love it!!!! My fav quote of the year in movies I believe or top 5. I love Michael douglas and well that kid is even growing on me ... hes a decent actor very emotional. Anywho I enjoyed the flick not because I like politics or wallstreet in fact, I HATE THEM BOTH. I feel its a waste of time and energy in fact. But anywho good movie.

Next. The town. Ben affleck and so on . Loved it as well.. Very action packed, interesting and some neat things. As well as a cute love story which was well bringing back some relations of my past and well how sometimes people who were once bad or a bad past get the best of you and believe it or not once you find out your discusted but you still love them.. Anywho good flick :)

Last Mad Men. Its a show but its FABULOUS and im watching it as Im typing lol I cant say as we speak cuz well were not really speaking ;)
Anywho I have been watching it for about 5 or longer years but have been really watching again on netflix and I just love it. Its funny I am which is odd to many fascinated with the old fashioned / retro / olden days I suppose. I love many of the "looks" with how the dressesd and the woman and how sexy Don Draper is my WORDDD gimme a break!!! .................................................................................................................................................
Kick Back...
Light Candles...
Have some wine...
Take a BATH
Just tonight after a long day ahhh it was ever so relaxing with some of my burts bees oil in the bath and all.. It was a great end to a long day.


Yesterday and my Aunt Caroles Russian Christmas 1/7/11

Her very beautiful diner room :)

Veona that morning with her hello kitty I gave her for russian xmas and her 2 year old ornament :)
And Veona at KOHLS shes silly

A new favorite:) She just looks DARLING

So one little secret reveled of the plastic designs I was telling you about.. sorry for the horrible flick buttt its a tooth and will be made into a ring and then larger ones for necklaces . It darn cute I might add :P

Well Back to Mad Men !

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