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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Stufffffff!!!

So here it is guys!!!!!
The big secret :)
Well dont judge me yet lol they are not all done yet. They must be polished and then glazed and holes and clasped for necklaces :)
Arnt they AWESOME! I know thats an understatement right???
Well yes these are my first ones and they turned out well so I know I gotta get better right?? Hehe I am soo happy with these and what my progress and future will bring. Speak of which I have sooo much planned *squealssss
So I have good things in the works with advertising these puppies and stay tuned the next couple of months awesomeness will come!
So I am sooo happy with being a designer/ owner of Pure Sin now that well.. sadly
I have almost lost complete interest in modeling ;/ quite frankly I just dont have the time, money, stress level, or desire to work my but off and put all the effort for well no money :( Im tired of the industry really.. and sadly I know many are. Dont get me wrong I do enoy it buttt I may be taking longer of a break then I wanted to and well im ok with that. Also I have pretty well accomplisshed what I wanted to with it. Im good at it yes, I got in an online magazine yes, I met a lot of ppl yes, I was in a runway event in Philly Pa Yes, and well have a TONNN of great pics to show for it so.. Pure Sin is my 2011 resoultion to blow it up. And many models shall be helping me :) Diamond necklace some special lady got :) You shall see

Just finished this nintendo pendant .. I know tis nnot perfect but hey for my first time and a toddler jumpin on me its purdy :) It also needs to be glossed .

Veonas Moon Dough...
Dude best present for her and me lol...
It was a blast.. If you have any kid under 13 I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND IT!!!
So fun, Easy to clean up, and harmless :)
Never dries out its da bombbbbb
So look at the cute village we made of animals and Veona and such

Sooo cute

One of my new favorite mugs
"Lets be honest ladies who doesnt like BIG packages" lol best thing ever... So many meanings as well {if yanno what i mean} anywho it was on clearnace at hallmark gosh i love that store :)

Homemade chicken roast dinner....
And boy was it DELICIOUS

Welll back to making necklaces and networking...
Hey each of those pendants takes about 30 mins cuz the shrink to half the size in the oven :( But its worth the neat look and durable affect. xoxo
PS where getting a snow storm right now yayyyyy we shall see they first said 8 then 4 now 10 lol.. weatherman wtf kind of job is that.. ur wrong and get paid millions

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