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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Take it Easy on Me...

Well Nat came over yesterday so we could do more exchanging and it was awesome!! She knows mesooo welll and got me more wine glasses my fav wine which is lambrusko a plant you put together and the cutest ccupcake playset for Veona. Look I also got my dr martens but I choose the brown ankel ones that well will be worn more :) I love them... Alil big but soo nice and well made and its funny cuz they came from Portland. But check out the dinner Nat and I had with some wine :)

Veona and Mommy with no make up lol I look horrible sorry but its cute

Our new dishes!! Beautiful good, sonoma ones from kohls. The banana bread was delicious and soooo moist very happy :) And well A drink :)

So my best girly from cali got me that awesome postcard. Its super pin up like and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT. Its on my one cabinet and I think of her every day from this and the cute tinker bell stuff she got for Veona

Making homeade banana bread.

A yummy quesodilla I made. Well I have always LOVEEED mexican food big time and well this is what I have been making a lot as well as burritos. Filled with chicked and beans and rice and cream cheese and broc, and so on. I miss the Portland Taco carts and just the awesomemexican food out west. Its not the same out here besides Cali burrito but its pricy :( Any who I love me some tacos.

Dinner one night was Ham, green beans, pasta, and rice with eggs and seasoning and tomotoes. Dont ask it was random because I wanted to prepare leftovers. haha

Delicious Salad with black beans ,cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, cranberrys, and rasperry dressing

I forgot to share with you the snow that came but here it was not much this was hmm before or after xmas I think after but this weekend we are supposed to get a storm :) Gosh I am stoked I wanna go sledding again this year since last I only went once.

My busy busy Crafting... Pure Sin has come a longggg way :)
Well not only am I up to 32 Sales but they are happening more and more and I am getting featured in many treasuries and blogs and well its just soooooo delightful. It is the feeling you get when you open up a present every time you get a sale and such :)
So here is a ring a made and made sooo many others but sadlly my cameras are kind of broken... :( I am very VERY upset because now I cannot take professional pictures of my new creations and refuse to use blurry pictures. I also refuse to pay a photog to do it its just not im my budget nor is my camera taking a poop. Arrrrgggg well It is bad timing I just got a bunch of new projects and well now How will I list them on Etsy and show you all . It is what it is and I must get creative and come up with a new way . Shrugs. I have no idea.
A resin necklace :)
Which is another huge project I have been working on with many stickers colors glitters and so on. It is fun but very tedious and actually difficult on some aspects.
My new clay baked skulls I made :)

So with my new big project of these necklaces I need drawings. This is MY DRAWING done of a friend of mine :) I might use this as a necklace pendant on this super awesome plastic (kinda a secret I shall show you all later) I will be doign many tattoo inspired things and many other things but my friend Damian should be helping me with drawings and well I can draw too im just not real good and dont have the total mind for it. If I see something I can draw it and alter it and do some other creations but can not just make up awesome things in my head and put it on paper. Thats why I craft and such buttt I can use many different artistic mediums and here is proof :)

Ps. I forgot to mention that december was my blogs year anniversery :) YAYYY buttt I am very pleased and have come a long way...

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