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Monday, January 24, 2011

Staying postive and Keeping busy..

Veonas 2nd bday cake for Wed the 26th!! It is homemade with love from Mommy. She will just lovvvve it since she has been bugging me for it all night lol. So I gave her a couple of the gum drop candies to hold her over for the next day. The plan is to go to build a bear on wednesday with my sister and Veona and then do more presents at our place with the imediate family and then her bday party saturday at chuckie cheese. I am not toooo too fond of it there just because its packed, has many germs, and its full of well hood ppl from allentown but yanno what. Thats life. But she likes chukie cheese and had fun when we went this saturday but just gets overwhelmed with all of the people since they redid it its nice but very crowded.

Here it is iced before the sprinkles and such.

The starting of the layers... these 2 then 2 more. It was pretty well executed I mus tsay.

My famous homemade icing from the best lady ever!! Where I get all of my cupcake recipes from....
I am revealing my secrets lolz no I just want you to taste the amazingness that I create from her!! She is just devine.

Delicious banana nut bread which actually I made up myself because the homemade cake recipe called for 3 circle pans and I only have two. So I added more flour banana and peacons and brown sugar and actually sour cream because I wanted it to be more moist. And boy was it scrumtious :) I wish I could give you all a good chunk!

Tonights dinner Raveoli a salad and eggplant. So call me blond, pink, or w/e but dont call me dumb cuz im not buttttt. I didnt know eggplant had seeds lol. I cut them up and was like omg what is wrong with this ... I have been seeing them at the store looking all shiny and cool and purple and I wanted to cook it so bad since I want to start to make things that are out of my comfort zone and branch out. Well it turned out fabbbbbbb. I fried them then addded mozz chees and tomato sauce. Delicious

Breakfast one day :) or should I say late lunch....

So these are my two favorite artists/illustrators on etsy!!I love these Ladies.
I bought this print well first because I loveeee it and second it is called Sylvia which is my gmas name :) It was very special that she wrote me a personal note and sent extras. It also was odd it came the day after my gma passed and I cherish it and cant wait to get more of her work!!!
No Jody Pham is prolly my fav!! She is just such a joy to deal with and has the most beautiful , creative artwork!! She sent me this awesome print which i bought as well as extras and a free necklace that I will model at somepoint :)
Ps my good friend meg got me that awesome spider ring I loveeeee it!
The awesome necklace
Off to more bday planning for my awesome daughter for her 2 year old bday and school work!!
Good news is I finished my 3 page paper 3 chapters of reading and discussion posts for my computer class but still have to finish my 2 hwk assignments for math and have a quiz tom in class. Fingers crossed I must do well. Then let Veonas bday begin :)
Many pictures to come of this coming week folks.

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