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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy and will get more busy :)

2 Fabulous dinners I made. A homemade tortilinee salad and sausage with broc. and This delicious Homemade mac n cheese with broc and 2 different cheeses and turkey with cucumber salad. This was dinner the last 2 days and a little cookie for dessert on my new plate I just got :) As you know I am very into japanese/chinese culture and stuff and well I loveeeee those flowers/trees. I used to wanna get it tattood until I found out 8,39393 billion girls have that and I was like Noooo way! I lead not follow :)

My Pure Sin items are now sold at the Merchant Square Mall in Allentown. This is like a Q-mart of a flea market on the weekends and it is soooo neat there. It is very odd that I have lived here almost my whole life and NEVERRRRR heard of it or new it was there. I tell ya what it is sooo cool. So take a look at my display so far. It is at a shop called Jewelry by Dale :)
Pure Sin Models :)
Well this is a New Model and her name is Diana Serena she is from Eugene Oregon!
She is modeling my Skull bottlecap choker in this first picture :)
And modeling A Pure sin hairbow and Diamond Necklace.
You may remeber Christina Mathews from before :)
She is wonderful and From The East Coast modeling my Cameo Necklace.

Stay tuned for more to come and many many more models :) From all over the US folks.

XoXoP.s Have you heard about these new Zodiacs ??? It is Ophiculuss or something wtf I am sooo madddddd I will ALWAYS BE A GEMINI not a tauras because I am sooooo very much a true Gemini I have many books on it so this crock of chaging things, dates, and such is fooweeeee! Oh and school starts Tuesday thats gonna be a whole new story I have soo much to announce and the awesome books I got on graphic design book (awesomesauce), computer book, adobe book and a photographty photolighting book , psychologybook , and more :)