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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bits and bobbins.

Well.  There you have it.
Yes.  It is getting so hot and I need a change and to lighten my load so to speak lol.  It is time but boy do I miss how long and beautiful it really was.  Isnt it funny how many compliments on how beautiful your hair is the last couple months before you chop it off bbbbbye. haha
Well it was time.  New growth new beginnings.  
 The way shattered nailpolish looks over a grafiti nail polish look.
 A picture of me wearing a purple duck tape bow and my new cheetah shirt :)
 New sunglasses from ACity.

First day my hair was cut.  I did a pretty good job.  You can deff tell the lentgh is shorter and specially when it is curly because now its oober curly again :)  I amso so jazzed.  I missed those locks and now they are back to the groove when I don't straighten it.  Btw that pink lipstick is a new one as well.  I like it but sometimes it makes me look washed out.
So I am giving a sneak peak to my Acity trip.  I am just so not in the mind frame to go into detail about the mini weekend.  Anyways this was the outside of our hotel Bally's.
Our view from our room!!!
Can you say beautiful.
That was sunday morning.  It was a beaut and so relaxing and pleasant
This believe it or not was my first ocean front view ever :)

 Organic Easter choc cow anyone???
It was so delicious
 A wannabe hummus plate I made it was just the right thing.
 My sweet iris orchid plant I got for easter.  I have always loved these flowers and I was so happy my dad got this for me because i really really wanted it.

 Veona in the bathy bath.

 Passed out one night haha.
I will have my new creation for Pure Sin up soon guys xoxo

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