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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day doesnt faze me...

Well happy valentines day and the only reason i care about it this year is for the love i have for my daughter.. to tell u the truth i dont even care about not have a boyfriend to smooch and be is such deep love with i mean its sooooo overreated and ur never satisfied 100% anyhow so its best if im alone...just like th esong i think your better off alone.. lol thats me for now.. im just glad im not moping about it .. I feel great.. all day ive been stuffing my face actualloy since last nite.. hehe.. PHOTOSHOOT WENT GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT... cant wait to get the pic i worked with a lady photographer named hatter photography and she was awesome real alternative and just so sweet.. had a blast and saw a lot of the pics they were awesome.. i do my job well.. so now its back to pigging out until i must starve the again.. its soo hard i love to cook and eat and yet sometimes i cant lol.. So been busy on my model mayhem trying to book shoots its just hard with me and not havin a car to drive there an di have about 7 photographers to book arhhhh realloy just 3 i REALLLy wan tto work wiht but..

Tarot cards...

I the Magician- do you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Now is the time to strech yourself and test your limits.. Be adventurous, daring,man dcompetitive-within limits. Success and recognition will follow. It's an excellent time to begin new projects.

Zero The fool-Take things as they are. Matters are proceeding as planned. Do your part to settle outstanding disagreements. Kill others with kindness and let them suffer the consequences of their actions. "This is agood time to builly your investments or remodel your home.

VI of Swords(reversed)-Your greatest accomplishments come through competetion. Lear from the opposition. Look outside yourself for alternative courses of action. Solutions become clear when you get away from day-to-day duties.

VIII of Wands-All your oplans have a green light. Move ahead. Your understanding of people and their problems delivers opportunities to get what you want. Friends and nature ring remedies for what ails you.
*my yellow with black lined nails >>
Knights of Pentacles reversed-The key to your futurefinancial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines,what you owe, and to whom you owe it...IF I GET THIS CARD ONE MORE TIME IM A GONNA GO BATZAAAAAA its true i have spent a LOTTTTTTTT of mula this week.. my hair 165$ products 16$ nails 40$ clothes 20$ makeup 127$ yes i know but ive been wanting that make up stuff from urban decay forrrrrr 10 months i had to i got my tax back and cha chinggggggg.. wellll anywho

My new hair black blond
and was suppose to be purple highlights which came out burgandy..likey? i love
The best mango i have ever ever had .. perfectly deliciouso hehe i just devoured in using 3 paper towels and all.

This was my dinner the daddy made it such a wonderful potroast just fell off and melted in me mouth!

My crafty side today.. well here are the flowers the cutting arranging and delicate bow tieing on that beautiful vase. I even put little glass crystals on the bottom of the vase how cute!
So i first started with this vase and cleaned it thoroughly and added glass gems inthe bottom and filled it with cool water....
Later I Cut The pink ribbon and tied a bow. Then cut the flowers apart and angeled the stems and chopped 3' and then aranged a bit till it was where i liked.....
Tadaaaaaaaaa... beautiful simple delicate flowers.. bring such a great joy to my heart.. ba boom ba boom...

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