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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fridayyyyyyyyyy sigh

Hiyaaaaaaaaa guys...
My painting called Smooth trees...

was feeling the greens and black..hmm
made all the colors mixed with many others

Busy week stressful and not yet over. work this week was stressful very im just getting used to all the computer stuff i need to know while taking care of veona at the same time its a lot. Did pricing invoices items recieved cashing people out and answer phones and more... im beat.. school work this week was hard i got 1 A and 1 b and my first c grrrr... i still have to take a quiz but in the midst of all that my daughter decided to mash bluberries all over my carpet and onmy shirt humphhh set me back.. cooking well not much of it besides salad making and my daughters food i b arely get to make anthing sticking to the under 800 calories a day till after next week i can make my first meal... sheesh i miss it... just got doing sooo much cleaning im beat.. smoking well i starting after sooo long of quitting but need to lose the weight i hate it though smelling like it even the taste of it is annoying me but stress wise i need it a lot is changing. art wise not much either.. well here we are............

tarot cards

X wheel of fortune reversed-Luck isnt on your side just now. Dont get embroiled in anything you'll regret stay constuctively selfish. This is not a good time to be alone,though. Ask questions seek answers,try options.

Knight of pentacles reversed-The key to your future financial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines, what you owe, and to whom you owe it.

Knight of cups-A break from responsibilities soon arrives. Let others pamper you. Do something nice for yourself.

Page of cups-Dont get upset if things arnt going as you hoped. Be open to alternatives and prepare for a change of plans.. Think before racting, beware of childish behavior.

IV of Pentacles reversed-The demands of presonal security weigh heavily on you now. Confusion and loss are liekly if you let gree or insecurty take over. Challenge and opposition are on the horizon. Meet them head on.

* I seem to get the same cards specially the knight of pentacles reversed i suppose i do overspend specially on my daughter hehe i cant help myself i will just always be broke for the next couple years its ok i can deal with that for now im happy and life is good.

My yummy other tofu salad...

olives and pecons and roamin lettus popeseed dressing and cubes of tofu
justtttttt look at that close up ohh boy i could eat that off the page....

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