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Monday, February 1, 2010

Here we go

Ok So been sooooo busy and distracted the past 5 or so days...good news for sure.. well i have A average in my math class online...I am starting to work at my friends computer store tue wed thur 11-5ish ... I have a photoshoot the 14th with hatter photography ... and i went to philly this weekend and had a blast!!!...pretty much starving myself for this shoot so it sucks because cooking my fav. is practically gone /limited for the 4 two /half weeks.. grrrr..But have been painting a little..the little rugrat kiddo is running around crazy lol..

Life is truly good right now... I have so many beautiful reasons to be happy...

Mondays busy busy.. many chores today cleaning up dishwasher 2 loads wash and tidyd up the room

Here is the salad a made so today and im actually trying this whole tofu thing.. hate the way it tastes but it soooo high in protein besides chicken and cottage cheese soo im doing that.. my diet sucks it consists of 1 egg for breakfast lunch is vegitables or a salad and dinner well sometimes a salad or oatmeal or fruit .. then throughout the days its coffee!! Yay thats zero calories so i dont have to give that up! already dropped 5 lbs but i gotta lose more and need to work on those lovey handles hardest to lose.. working out wise i should start running or going on the bike but I am still doing pilates 3 days a week and my crunches every night...

Back to the salad and how i made it ...I first cut the tofu into sliced triangles and cooked them a tad(I saw this on the food network by the pretty italian lady sheesh i forget her name).While doing that i cut up some fresh romain lettus and cucumber.. added a few cranberrys olives and cherry tomatoes and peacons to the top nicely and then added the tofu and balsamic vinegar.
I like to slice some of the cucumber skin off then slice


Tarot Cards....

IX the Hermit-Break an unnceccessary habit. Take steps to eliminate unhealthy ruts and routines. Have some of your "friends" been driving you crazy? Now is a good time to get them out of your life. Dont let yourself get stuck in the wxpectations of others.

II of Pentacles reversed-Reflect carefully about your motives before dealing with people. Act with integrity and you'll be sure to find success in all our edeavors.

Ace of Pentacles-The card heralds goo dluck with new business endeavors and acknowlegement for a job well done. This is a great time to apply for new work or seek a promotion. En joy and demand-lifes pleasures.

VI of Pentacles reversed-Dont let your insecurties push you into being a workaholic. Choose well-defind objectives that will bring growth. Slow down. Try not to borrow money now-new obligations will take the starch out of your sails.

XVI The Tower-Everyone wants to be admired. Others embellish the truth, but whats neccessary and real will previal. Illusions will be shattered, enemies revealed. Dont be upset if things dont turn out as planned. Try to compromise and see others points of view.


Now for this painting i was totally in a zone... dark zone i must say just mixing and enjoying my stroke of passions and security with every stroke every stroke

I love the blends it was a vision of a dark sunset for me combined with mixed emotions... How does this make you feel.. i call it


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