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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some of my favorite Artists...

What are some of your "turn-on's" in women?

Brains. Not in the I'm a Zombie way, more in the "I know something, or if I don't I will learn and am able to discuss multiple topics " sort of way.

A sick sense of humour, since I am a 5 year old at times...but an appreciation of dry more English humour as well.

An ability to see the world as an amazing place full of wonder, beauty and opportunity.

Being creative and talking of creative things. Creativity being my life and all.

Looking classy yet intelligent. Ambitious and backs it up by following through.

A cute laugh.

I really hadn't thought much about these. I'm lucky enough to have found someone with all these traits and more, already.

This question was asked to Ben Templesmith this is his blog -
He is one of my favorite artists and I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on some of his books specially squid girls and some others.  They are on which I have a fat list of wants on there lol.  From Kitchen Aid mixers, to monster high barbies, to dr martens to Artwork ha ha.  Well anywho
This question was asked to him on forumspring which if you all dont know is a website people can have that they can let anyone ask them any question.  YES anything.  His answer just opened my soul up.  Yes and I mean it.  I honestly can say I have all of those qualities in me besidessss my dress attire is not always Classy I suppose.  I dress differently a lot.  I dress for my mood and dont feel llike staying the same old boring schtuffff.  So I suppose when I think of classy attire I think of black skirt some type of panty hose and heels and glasses and a nice blouse and usually black.  I love black but I dont really do the skirt thing.  I do the heel thing but more of big bold thick heels not this stiletoo garbage.  Ick.  Anywho I have really been thinking lately about Love.  I watched this music video of two people in love and just gusshhhhed.  I miss it.  I truly miss "love" and am thinking I may give a man a chance in the near future and stop being so negative towards how shitty men are haha.  Well anywho here is some of Ben Templesmiths work.
Btw hes gonna be in SEATTLE omgggg im soo jealous I may find a way to get to him though through another :)

So he is amazing.  Id love to meet a guy like him or even close :)  Ps did I tell you hes from Australia and has an accent ohhh boy.  He is funny and sooo cute as well and looks darn good in a suit.  Sheesh i will meet him.

Ok off my obsession of him lol

I love this ladies  work as well.  Ashley wood.  In fact I almost purchased her work On Nucleus's website(dying to go to the store in CA) but I got another book instead.  I already have some of the Grafuck books (yess thats what its called) And I want the resst but sheesh 72 dollars ouch.  So I tend to stick with the other books and sweet postcards on the site.  Gosh do I get lost in that site for hours and hours.  Such impeccable art work it makes me salivate. 

and Jim Mahfood

I Have been dying for a vacation and boy o boy I hope it comes this year.  Well off to watch TV which i never do anymore.  The dinner tonight was delish with a nice well earned glass of wine :)
Ps I did my good deed for the week even. 
Gave my desktop 2000 dell to the brother.  It was hard to let go but I did it.  *sigh.  I miss good ol comp already sheesh many many memories and my deceased boss even fixed it up many times.  I gave the comp the bran new wireless key and mouse and bran new all in one printer and many other software things on it.  So I feel good but boy was it hard work getting that puppy and all the wires and such out spent 5 hrs today doing it.  and ohhh Me oh My now I have a nice comp desk alll clean and ready to do my school work on.  Pics soon .  Its lovely.

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