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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heck of a day

Well here is an old photo of her birthday dinner that I wanted to share with you all!! It was delicious and I made it with such tender loving care.Veona putting up her window clings on Vday from Nanny
Veona playing with her valentines day cards from Nanny and we made them for lots of people :)
Nannys box she sent us :)
Veona opening the box
A beautiful picture of Veona and I after she went PP edited all pretty by myself
We painted hernails last night and toes after she went on the potty again. Its her 2nd pp on the potty :) Although shes made 3.494 billion accidents its ok. I stay patient and positive.

Awww her lil tootzies...
Ps sorry im not gonna write much im tired, my eyes hurt from the comp, and i was on the phone and sending emails all day about school, stupid verizon fn up are phone / internet bill for the last year oMMMMMMGGG im soo mad over 500$ they screwd us. Its ok Im getting it back. I work will with customer service and I can talk very smart, educated, and truthful to them so they understand.
Ps I also got 1 93 1 100 and 1 92 on my math quizes woooo hooooo. and 100 on hwks. Sweet. My comp class is annoyingly stupid but i have a B i think and Psy starts tom :)
Oh and crayola factory tom I belive so expect neato pics

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