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Friday, February 4, 2011

Today in a nut shell ...

Well some of you might ask yourself or think wow how does she do it ? Or how does she have the time? Or how does she manage it all??? Wellllll
The answer is.. I dont well I do but its not like you think. I do alot of my artwork at night or while my little one is sleeping and as for school work well I do it in little bits allllll day long to try to get as much in as possible. Like today I cooked dinner took a test and had to deal with a bit of a temper tantram by Veona. Yes she is starting those horrid things now. But im used to dealing with them and I can redirect fairly good when im not stressed out... So this picture heere is kind of what it looks like around here right now lol.. Like now . Im blogging doing some artwork and relaxing while she sleeps Oh and wash and picked up and took the garbage out and cleaned the kitchen. Sigh its a lot but its doable :)
That book there is part of my computer class books... Its funny werll not really but my teacher is very unorganized because he has never taught online before so he messes up things. Well the test was due wed then he ended up muffing it all up and kids were annoyed, confused, and concerned and well now finally its figured out and I took it. I am dissapointed. Its easy as PIEEEE ok and well they que are worded silly. I have always said and still admit I AM NOT A GOOD TEST TAKER but I am a great writer and pretty smart I suppose. But I know all this stuff its just putting it into context and question answer form. Lammmmmmeeeee
So this to the left is my Funeral Service courses I must take to graduate.
Yeahhhhhh SOOO MANY
Ok most majors are about 36-50 credits for there needs and mine is 92 YEA 92 its bshit. Butttt I get an Associates in App science degree which is great to have an dis only 2 yrs behind a Bach and a couple more credits which I could always get later. :)
But its a lot... specially for a single mom taking things somewhat slow. grr if it were only 40 like most I could be done in 1-2 yrs but this will take me at leaste 3-4 maybe even 5. Sigh. But I really really want this... I even called funeral homes and all and might get aninternship or interviews but will get tours this summer and sooner for some. :) I am on the right track.
This is my college now
This is the one I will be transferring to for the program
Northampton is not too far from me maybe 30-45 mins and my school now takes about 25 depending on traffic and I only go tues nights so its not too too bad.
Oh and I have looked into school across the US to see if they all have 90 some credits for this major and THEY ALL DO. I was sstunned but relieved.

Anywho here is my artwork lately :)
Its neat. time draining but fun.
The cupcakes are adorable and Veona loves the octupus hehe.

Here they are and most cupcakes are the "sunday" theme for like a cupcake ice cream sundae but the other one has bacon on it which is the Seattles cupcake places Best Seller.
Here is the final drawing of the octupus...
Here were a late night pierogie snack last night lol
The amazing dinner today.. Fettachini alfredo with salmon applesauce and fresh green pepper and fresh mushrooms.
Let me tell you what. BRILLIANT I am soo full it was great.

Back to artwork.. I know im late on Veonas bday but I dont really feel like uploading 3.8484844 billion photos. humph. I must at somepoint.

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