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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bowwwww down to the i Mac !!!

OHHHHHHHH MY WEEBIE JEEEBIES. she is here!!! or shall I say he. His name is Frankenstein. Because well.. im always up late and kinda am getting used to this bad boy. Oh its fabulous indeed. Thanks tax money :) although I do need it for school and such. 1600 then 100 rebate not bad. its the 21.5 inch with 3gig and 500 hd and so on and so forth.
Lamen terms
ok anywho

Veona and my desk area which is coming together with nice pictures some I painted and drew and well "my area"
ohhh joy joy its so simple, clean, sheek, sophisticated, and fun!!
I cant wait to get to the editing as you all can tell I have been fooling with photos to try out this whole mac stuff until I upgrade to either adobe photoshop or the full package or the aperture from mac or w/e we shall see.
Boy o boy.!!
Pure sin has come a longggggggggggg way!! its my one year aniversary. Yess gosh it feels better then being with any man thats for sure. I get more pride in this lil business than all the guys I have been with put together. HA anywho I have got new display cards and have been fooling with the fact of either having them stapled or glued or stickers and finally the last one has it figured out! These clear stickers that print amazing guys!! from walmart too not staples ripping you off like 20 dollars. They print great from my hp and well the logo is spectacular. Oh and my business cards came in today . I sure do feel like a bosslady for sure! Its feels sooo good. Brushing dirt off my shoulders. Well I got a lot done. Ship about 3 things to models Tx, Or, Pa and Ca I think and still waiting on many. Updating etsy constantlly and well making new things daily. I just never have enough time or energy I tell ya.
This girl from Portland is gonna rock this bad boy since she has octopus tats it will be super duper.!!

Loveee this bow. I actually have one for me too :)
And my cute hearts. So these are usually my best seller besides my bows and skeleton hands and well I am trying to shove out as much as possible cuz they are cute and all the diff ribbon print is soo fun. I also have 2 shows I have to send my registration forms in this month so im like woahhh summer is sneaking up on me. Gotta get my stuff ready and inventory pilled up. I also have goals of going to more stores in the Lehigh valley to selling my items there :) Meals, Snacks , Sandwiches, and Soups.....

Veona in her new lady bug slippers from stride rite along with her 2 new pair of AWESOME shoes!!! Gosh all of you must know that well I have a shoe fettish big time and halloween fetish and well it rubbs off on my mini haha.YYYYYYYeasssss
I finally found this bride of frankenstein monster high doll I have been drolling over at burlington coat factory . I almost died. I was looking for Easter dresses for Veona and she was playing with toy sand there she was :)
My cupcake calendar ahhhhhh *sigh how I love theeee I shall be baking soem cupcakes for v-day and eating them with my missy :) And veona is a hugeeeee Gamer. wow its really nutz. So here so goes with her V-tech mobigo. I wanted to get the ds butttt this is more educational and she needs that more then mario yanno.. that comes later. This teaches words, couting, tell which is diff and sooo much more. So neat. Its pricy but worth it. As well as the leap frog pen she does SOOO WELL with it and she has learned a lot I must say. Well ta ta I gotta hit the bed. Settin up Frankenstein and my printer has took a toll im beat and I need my beauty sleep. Gonna hit the A.C.Moore tom as I have a 50% off coupon and that means ribbon!!!! muahahahah

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