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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yay :)

My New business card !!!!!!!!!
Isnt it just awesome. I am soooo excited to get my hands on these and pass them out and at my stores as well as out west in seattle and well all over :) Hopefully my new Mac
Love love love

Funny, charming, great action and interesting
Bruce willis was sooo cute and really funny
Def a must SEE

I have been watching Nip TucK from the start and How I love that show.. this last 3 episodes I watched were very drama filled and sad actually. Sometimes I loose hope in the people I swear.
My daughters pick of the week or shoul dI say month or forever?? lol
We watch this at leaste once I day. I dont let her do TV until around 1 though we practice things play and go for walks, stores cook and so on. :O


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