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Monday, September 20, 2010

Exhausted but stoked satisfied and looking forward to the Future!!!!

sigh can you say amazing... well this is Me and Squeak Machine!!
Love her and I am soo glad i got to work with her and talk and work out business with her and her awesome assistant Vanessa. We will be collabing on Pure Sin items and I am THRILLEDDDDDD sooo excited to have Squeak as one of my models that represent Pure Sin. Well I just love her and she is so sweet and very talented in many aspects!! well check out her website and my Etsy shall be connected on the site soon. . She will be getting my items this week and next to model in her upcomign photo shoots and *squeals* im JAZZZZZED.
Well as far as reflections it was awesome!! I loved the items I got to wear and I actually already worked with Sibyl Vain and I adore Allison so I was lucky and got to walk twice for her since someone dropped out. My outfits were baddass and only one is on herer since I didint get all the pix back yet but its actually sooo neat and the other one was half man half woman inspired so it was half black felt and a half black blazer then red pvc shorts and poofy tutu and a halter boy was it neat. But on a good not that one you will see soon since I did a photoshoot with Hatter Photography for that outfit... Soo check out these pics so far some are small sorry i dont feel like messing withthis right now to fix it.
This first picture is the first outfit for sibyl vian and its a black felt half dress with a red pvc off the shoulder shirt and black suspenders on thee black felt dress to come up over the red pvc. Then to top it off theres a clear plastic apron.. gosh how this fit me sooo well on me and as "part of me" ...Runway walking !!!Here is our performance for Delicious > in Philly gawd oh mighty did i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE MY OUTFIT worth 1000K guys holy smokes i was soo happy and well it was Rad. I also loveee there store omg its awesome as I have talked about before when i went to the zoo and had to get fitted. The website doesnt come close to how awesomesaucy the store really is... So my outfit was a leather half jacket type top that had the arms nar the shoulder cut a little and thumb wholes 500$ dude then a red poofy skirt worth 200$ and then the freakin amazing belt strap I MUST HAVE I WANT IWANT I WANT gosh it was baddass it is about $300 too. So as you can tell im on the left in this pic.. as i said sorry I didn tget any pics and people are workign on them these I got from just quick ppls pics. Omg my hair my hair my hair. Miss Nora did it boy can you say amazing.. you can find her on fb at Nina Jones. She is soo funny wonderful and so cool to work with.. my hair was sooo awesome I w as very pleased.

Ok so here is kinda a stinky photo but this was our performance for Dellicious Boutique as well.... Im all the way to the right of that girl in the center of the pic..
Polaris night club some of what it looks like...
I just took this after the night was almost over.... oh my my did i forget to mention I did my makeup and squeak helped me put on my blue eyelashes which ive had for a year now and finally got the chance to wear them and boy was is special and perfect... ya the makeup artists there well lets just say i wasnt pleased except for one which she was sooo busy doing others so i just did it which a lot of models ended up doign there own... if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all right folks?? haha well.. sometimes...
So i Kinda like this picture its cute
Love her... Nat and I!!
So this was Sunday arond 2 ish... we kind of had a late start since we didnt get home till 3ish and go to bed until 7.. I ended up piggin out on food and watching movies and relaxing and eating nom nomsss. I didnt even wanna drink i just wasnt in the mood. I had a vodka and pinapple at Reflections and I was over it by the time the night was over.... Anywho this is the best place EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ...SO yummy
Honeys in NE philly off of 5th i believe
brunch ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Outside the place Me Nat and Rachel
lol and yes i left my dirty stay out makeup//hair in haha.. i call it that whenever you go out and dont take it off... even tho i did shower *giggle giggle*
Me and natty being silly

Omg can youo say best Eggs benedict ever!!! All organic place pretty much fresh squeezed things too... A bit slow on service but friendly and well worth it.. I have NEVER had so much good food at one pllace seriously all 5 of us had great food andwe all shared.. yumm chilly cheese fries gauch(which i used to HATE HATE HATE and slowly will eat it occasionally) and omlets and sandwhiches and omg the asparagus cassorle was to die for too!!

So well the sad part was I missed Veona badly I havent been away from her for 2 nights in about 1 year and 3 months sooo it was sooo hard for me..So when i came home i new and could tell she was a little mad at me so I gave her one of the toys ive been waiting to give to her CUZ ITS SOOO FREAKIN RAD!! and she just loves/loved it... Usually when she gets something an di say what do you say shes go "peeeze" and she goes peeze peeze peeze haha.. It just made me melt.. and she just the last two days ive been home is saying mommy mommy and I LOVE IT ... I guess while I was gone she said Mommy alot even though i talked to her 3x but when i had to go she cried and got said even on the phone .. aww but in a way its good for her that she gets away from me occasionaly she is VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY attached to me... well tatta off to networkign and finding some more things I want to buy on the net lol

O hhh my i forgot to say I got another sale on Etsy on Sunday.. I swear this is what happens every sunday or eveyrweekend im busy or gone i get a sale... hmmm maybe a hint I need to go away more often... well this weekend is my sale in the Emmaus Market again so we shall see.. then next weekend after that is Philly with Veona doign things with Aunty Natty and I ..Yayy.
Im out

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