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Take me as I Come or watch me as I Go

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good things and some ehh.

Well today was a blissfull rainy day yet stressful take a peek...

Ok and my wonderful cup o coffee this morning and my cup is perfect for the day. Its funny cuz i grabbed this cup before I knew how bad it was raining out. Oh and u see the one coffee grind in there hha my coffee pot goofed.

And this was and is it today outside...but the rain gets harder then lets up..

Ahh how i love the leaves. And no not my car although I used to have a gti.
How I love fall...
And my creations of hair clippies I made last night!!!

Dinner the other night
Veona before we went to the park! Unfortunatly she is sick currently which she hasnt been in FOREVER!! First time She threw up since she was 1 mth old. :( Im sad but shes not doing so bad. Gosh i just love her to pieces and cant help kissing her even though she is sick.

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