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Friday, September 3, 2010

What a week!

Ah haaaaa
AND NO THEY ARE NOT "REAL" GLASSES im only 21 i still have PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFACT vision! Proud and grateful for that I might add. Ahhhhhem now that being said arnt they just adorable!!! Oh how i love them... never thought I could look cute in glasses but I must have grown into them or something. I used to have a clear pair out west but these just look sophisticated! "I adore I adore" A bunch of fun pictures of Me and Veona today just around the house on our day off playing with paint and soaking up life in general!!
hehe we are still goofy and she is hysterical....

Jeepers Creepers whered u get them peeopers jeepers creepers WHERED YOU GET THEM EYES!!!!

She is just GORGEOUS
Mommy and Veona

*squeals* My new Favorite thing everrrrrr. My halloween tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it at hallmark today along with all the ornaments check it out... You know me halloween everyday i loveeee
These two are the coolest ladies ever!

So Rad and baddass hot chicks.. well superhero ones haha

Awesomeness at its best!

Im a halloween obsessed fanatic and i can not wait to have my own house one day and go alllll out. I swear i will be on one of those shows with the crazy decoratign but for halloween!!! wellllll....
Veona fingerpainting today! Yes she decided she DID NOT want to wear a shirt today.. why?? I couldnt tell ya but she had a fit about it.. sooo.. I let her. Its hard for me tho even tho its cute i just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE dressing her in her abundance of clothes which is getting ridiculous but now that winter or fall i shoudl say is arriving im like muuuuahahhaha yaaay shopping for Veona!
Letting my daughter get a feel for art young!! This is the 2nd time i let her fingerpaint i let her when she was only 1 actually too!! But its too cute
Oh btw another sale today!!! woot woot 8$ sweet deal~
Well ive been off my diet but onlly for a week so here is a binge haha... but tom sadly or mon star
ts my HARD CORE diet for my runway show on the 18th yuuppp its soon youve been hearing about it and now for reals itl be her shortly im nervous pants!!
Well my chocolate chex snack one side plane one with gram cracker crumbs lol
1000000000000000000000 calories haha o wells
Oh here is us at the good ole Allentown Fair.. ohhh man this was tuesday and boy was it packed... first night but guess what I WON I WON I WON. I won Veona 3 things and she won one.. i beat 8 ppl on the water gun game and got her that big stewey i was sooo happy and so was she!!! Proud Mama.. I am still a kid in the sence of fairs I LOVEEEE THEM dates are great there too!! and the food OMGGG and well so much to do and see and spend too much money thats the bad part and ohh parking an dwalking a billion miles.. ohh well. But it was wonderful I went with the whole fam too it was nice!

Adios all!!

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