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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strawberry Acres Day Away

Soak that up for a moment! Isnt it just Pleasant, Relaxing and Pretty!!!

Ok so this is a little funny to go from my fashion show Alternative things to this Nature stuff but honestly thats how I am and my life kind of is. Random Wellrounded and Beautiful.....

Veona my smart ,funny, BEAUTIFUL daughter always comes first and I will do everything in my power to make her happy, teach her, and let her experience things. As her Mommy I am obligated to and I LOVE IT! Veona is going to have to get used to Mommy BEING OBSESSED WITH FALL HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS GORDS SWEETS and everything else that goes with it. I know she wont mind* giggle giggle*

Well this is Strawberry Acres its about 25 mins away from where we live in PA and is just lovely.

Here I am smack dab in the middle of the Pumpkins happy as a Clam
These were some of the treats we took home(well the one not shown here are IN MY BELLY I also had a pumpkin whoopie pie and a honey suckel and a cinamin pretzel) We also got 2 big pumpkins a little one 2 gords and mini colored corn.

Now I am not sure if you all remember but last Year I took a gorgeous photo I have framed of veona by the pumpkin so I tried my best to get a good one but she was eating and so not tunned into mommy but rather runnning around and picking pumpkins and such.(That pic im talkign about is actually in the blog that has my halloween tree on my dressor in a sweet frame)

Veona and in the wagon heading to get the pumpkins.  Veona is now 20 months old!!!

Now this is kind of funny. Well this was the bus/hay ride which is kidn of a joke because there was no hay. I was soooo excited for this but Veona had a fit and was scared so I didnt get to go apple picking but it was ok cuz we just got to play. I kind of new she was going to cry so No Biggie we just had our own fun!!!

Veona the Beautiful looking and yellow flowers which she can say!!!

Not supposed to pick them you stink but!!! hehe

Now this was the pony ride area which was neat I thought these were cute but Veona was too timid to go on a pony or stand next to these guys. She is just very attached to me and is quite scared and not adventorous like me. Its ok though shes learning and gettign better.

This was a talking pumpkin and boy did she jump and squeal when he came on haha. She didnt really like him.

Omg sooooo cool. So this was a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tunnel slide. Which im jealous i didnt get to go on it I got amazing pics though of Veona  tried to go on it again wth Veona but she got scared. I think because she is used to the playground slide these just overwhelmed her. I mean they were LARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE very long and looked even big from a distance. There were two of them and they asked for a dollar donation when goign on them.

Cute pony...

Weird one kinda haha. Athena rode o him I believe.

These pics are just soooooo CUTE. Gosh I wish her patsy was not inthough :(((. But still adorable.

Oh Veona as yoru mommy its funny to see these little looks you give haha. Kinda like one of my facial expressions it seems when im annoyed *hehe*


These geese were awesome

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love love love pumpkins *sigh* I wish it was october year round id be in paradise.....

Veona talking to the rabbits. It was sooo cute shed walk up and go "HELLO" it was soo adorable her little voice and all.

Love this shot. She now says CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE haha its silly

Veona and Aunt Amy. Gosh she loves her and my sister spoils her to death. My sister and I are close now and get alogn which is a BIGGGG change and I love it. Veona brought us closer together as a Family in general. Amy got her her costume for halloween. I orginally wanted her to be the queen of hearts(shes the queen of mine i kno its corney but true)but shee got her alice but it has hearts on it ITSSSSSSS SOOOOOOO CUTEEEE i can NOT WAIT to go trick or treat in with her im even gonna dress of course Lovely Nature

Well thats all folks.

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