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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yup you heard right!! I got my first A on my Art History quiz and boy am i happy!!! My grade is still a B but I am SOOO PROUD OF MYSELF ...
I spent about 2 hours on this lesson 3 and I justknew I was goign to do well and derserved the A for sure. I took so many notes on my own and reread things and looked so many extra things up on the internet and well did more then the usual and I suppose thats what it takes ! I had to read from pg 135-265 I believe and boy did i really enjoy it(yes i mean it) I just really take an interest and have such a strong passion for Art!!

So now I can really enjoy my weekend and really end it with a Bang!! This Reflections runway event means the world to me and I want to do very well and look SMASHING! I love me new hair and I just cant wait to be away with my bf in Philly. I actually leave at 6pm friday and come home sunday afternoon. Its odd to be away from Veona overnight I dont like it.. makes me nervous an axious but this is HUGEEE. So its 8-2 on the 18th(Sat) but we gotta be there at 11am geeeeeeeeeeeez long day.. but well worth it.. sooo you wont hear from me for aa tad bit maybe tues or wed prolly...

One of my new bows but I do believe I'm keeping this one for me.. hehe.. thats what happens when you start to have your own business you get sooo much stuff... snicker snicker Well I know this is old too but this is Me and Veona last week when i just got done making new bows for Pure Sin ... check out the etsy guys uploaded 9 new items today!!! Woo hoo getting stuff done!!! Now i just need business... Pahhhhlease
Philly trip with the ladies last sunday for Reflections rehersal(yes i know im late on pics)

Yay me yesterday!! My new hair and fav new earrings!!!

Well on a bad note.. yes its a negative for once.. i think my boss cut my hours AGAIN OMG what the heck now i will be there tues and wed only 10-4ish.. man this sucks ahhh im used to clearing 1K a month now il be down to less than 500 a month omg arhhhh.. so much for that car saving hard core.. hmm v needs to get potty trained asap ..every liil bit helps*tehe* But I mean he said only for bit till he gets caught up but it worries me big time.. Hopefully God will bring me MUCHO sales on PURE SIN pleassssssssssssssse.

My Salad for the Day!!!
Much love
sorry no time for tarots... just too buzzzzy

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