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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rambling Spree!

Ok so lets start with this was dinner tonight I suppose... Penne pasta with vodka sauce , broc, applesauce and yummy fresh roll!

This is a custom stamp I had made for myself and I just adore it. Pure Sin just loves using it!!!

Well For the Grand Reflections show here we go the flyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr final week before the show!!!!!!!!!!!! So stoked our rehersal was yest and boy it was great. Got a lot done but still much to practice on Saturday before the show. We gotta be there at 11 am sat and it doesnt really start till 9-10ish so we shall have it mastered. The girls are So super RADDDD and I just
cant wait to be apart of it. I cant say much but its gonna be off the hook.
Well here are some of the dirty work stuff I do just so you all know im no snobby model lady. I clean I cook and I even change poopy diapers. Yup it happens... Life happens. And i love every moment of it....

My new fav thing. My feather earrings !!! Yeah my zombie colors as well. Cant wait to break them in if they only woudl match my hair:( my hair was supposed to be more purple in the V bang but its still cool blue... OMG CHECK OUT MY HAIR
Here we go.... Its funny I love how these photos lined up haha i didnt even do that on purpose.... coolio.,.So here is my hair style... Cut by the amazing Genna Bee from Eskandalo in Bethlehem. She is my friend i met through the modeling scene and were in teh runway event together Shes awesomness in a freakin awesome can. Its a V bang with a blue thick chunk and black. Also the sides of my hair are black as well as underneath again.. how i adore this and so needed an epic change... Next month the top will be platnum..

Food from last week. Green bean and chicken salad and then Just a salad with feta red peppers onion and lf ranch. So good.
Have a great week I know I will
Ohh *squeals* i almost forgotzzz I have a BBBBBBB in my art history class right now.. 2 Bs on quizes and As on discussion. Yippie lets keep it that way.

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