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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stressed withkayoss but good things on the rise I feel it!

So Im totally strapped this day went way to fast and I did not have enough to accomplish all i needed therefore il be up till 4am again getting more things done. I dont have time to post pics right now but just wanted to give ya a little heads up. I am working with around 8 models for them to model "Pure Sin" items.

NETWORKING NETWORKING NETWORKING I tell ya ive been at it alllll day besides the hour i got to go outsite to the park with my daughter and for a lovely walk through the wooded path. Well I am working with Bee aka Kami Rogie Alien Baby Manda Jess Lenore and a couple others as well as squeak which you already know. So as you can see im sooo busy getting there items ready marked shipped and organized so I know who has what items and wat the cost is since im workign trade with them so they get the items from Pure Sin for free... .Ive learned that to get you have to give... honeslty I like all these ladies anyways so its nice for them to be wearing my product as well as promoting/working it!!! It'll come back in the long run and word of mouth is always big.

So my goal is after I get all these photoshoots form them and such that I will make a Flyer with Squeak on it and then another flyer with Bee on it and blanket the town and other towns with it to send them to my Etsy to buy my stuff.... I gotta advertise to get out there ya kno.. Besides I have my Emmaus Artisans fair this sunday and well my other class starts.. HOLY SHIT this is sooo much going on as well as my daughter and well work bah 12hrs w/e and yeah sooo i gotta focus on the major things.

But anywho its been a good day getting work done and I just hope Pure Sin hits it big in the next year I could really use theMoney and I JUST LOVE MAKING IT AND ALL OF IT... Gosh i love halloween and eveyrthing about it... anywho... my tarots today hollly smokes i gotta share with you and well my fortune cookie at my gmas today said something like the strong progress or something i cant remeber but just totally reffering to pure sin.

Tarot Cards

XXI the world-look at both sides of every situation and surround yourself with those who truly love you. Refuse to get shaken when others try to undermine your confidence in your strengths and abilities. Rewards and paybacks ar just around the corner. Dont give up anything for anyone.

VI of wands-Competition brings out the best in you. Don't be afraid to ask some questions. Apoligies are in the stars.

VII of swords (reversed)-Pressures are on the rise. Don't take on too much. Lear from the successes and failures of others.

Page of Pentacles(reversed)-You're being hesitant, secretly doubting that you'll succeed. Do no be afraid of a little competition.

Wow couldnt of sumed up my life right now any better really... besides being a sad that others ccan be so intimadted by me. I mean I am strong and goodlooking I guess but I dont bite I wish people would be mmore aproachable I guess im just too social and have a lot of good goign for me that they think there not good enough to "talk" to me or be associated with me or like i dunno... Im not conceeded I am just happy with who I am inside and out and I have flaws but learned to love them anyways and except them. I am so happy that I fianlly have succeeded in many things and hopefully continue to and keep flourishing. I just dont really judge I mean I am friends with ALLLLLLL kinds of people. I am soo wellrounded and have many interests that its hard not too.. Im an eveyrthing lol...
PS i wanna xbox and well my whole favorites tab is fulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of things I want.... wish i had a credit card darnnnn.

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