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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Models for Pure sin Continued.

I am playing catch up with these...
Sooo many to put up here but sit back and enjoy folks.  Let me tell you what even if I did not continue my modeling gigs I got many Model friends who are "big" in the scene and it realllllly helped out my Etsy Facebook and just my image as a professional artist and company as well.  O Pure Sin you are my love and we are up to 47 sales on Etsy now.  I also have about 7 new shows booked and every saturday in emmaus until october booked.
This is the lovely Cordial Lee
btw this photo is my absolute favorite.  Stunning

Ginger Zero
 Britnee Lehigh
 Dorothy Johanna


Tadaaa!  All done.
Update-  I will be showing my new bow soon and My weekend getaway.
Have a great day.


  1. Love all the photos...Great models!

  2. Thanks Crystal!! How is the family doing? I almost was going to get to go to Alaska because my sister was going to move there and I was like yeahhhhh I can see crystal. Hope the pregnancy is going well dear :)