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Monday, April 4, 2011

Published in Magazine and first Large Custom Order :)

Well I wanted to surprise you all because I had a craft show this past Saturday the 2nd of April.  It was fabulous and was special because it was for cancer donations and was in Emmaus as well which was even cooler.  I "Pure Sin" did very well.  I am sooo very very happy because this was so last minute and I knew I had to get my game back since the last show was a flop so I searched and searched and networked to get more shows booked and it worked great!  I am so glad I did not give up and get sad for the rest of the season but yet pushed harder and did more.  

I got photographed and published in the Emmaus magazine called patch :)
I am soooo excited and happy all of my hard, unique work has really paid off and is starting to kick in high gear.  I cant explain to you how proud and ecstatic I really am.  This is the big break I have been waiting for and I feel great :)


I also got my very first large custom order!!!

It is for a really awesome lady and her daughters softball team.  It shall be 15-20 blue/red softball bows and then I added free duck tape bows since its my promotion right now as well.  So total of 30-35 bows.  I am very very happy.  She is such an awesome gal and was a vendor as well making great treats.

The Craft show 4-2-11
My display of cupcake bows and my new record bowl with my promotional 2$ duck tape bows :)

The whole room and there was a whole upstairs!

Veona and Mommy putting the Easter bunny cookies on the cookie sheets
haha yes I cheated for once.  Veona saw them at the store and wanted them sooo bad.

How adorable

 O la la Coffee!!!
Veona and I on the Mug I got through Disney Movie Rewards :) I love love love it.  Coffee is well I LOVEEE IT
Monster being silly crawling all over his lil Veona

Aunty Natty having fun with us over the weekend.

The meal the other night.  Brat worst Ravioli with ground chicken and vodka sauce and zucchini.

A cute ducky I got from the lady vendor next to me which is white chocolate.  Her stuff was sooo good.  Lovely peanut butter balls rolled in fresh peanuts and carrot like m and m displays tonz of easter candy and they were great ppl.  

Then to the left of me were 2 great woman who were cancer survivors and I was making them laugh o boy because well there were other ppl causing drama and well I had to bust out some jokes.  Anywho I also won a great door prize which I of course picked out veona  a mini basket thing from NO KIDDING the lady who ordered my custom order haha.  I did not even know it until she gave me her card for the order.  what a small world ya kno.  Her stuff was wonderful, I really enjoy meeting great souls at this show and boy do I love putting a smile on kids faces and even stop adults who go "wow that is so cool"
Yep she even picked them out.  Haha I did not say a word at Toys R Us and this is what she wanted lol.  A new Monster High doll and the really cute skeleanimals mini plastic/gel like toys.  They are too cute.  And now we have 4 Monster High Dolls Im so stoked about it.
Veonas new toys we got the other day when I got the supplies for the custom order 

Good night all I am so tired.  It has been a day of 8 laundry loads, cleaning kitchen, cooking, playing with veona, making 17 bows and getting them presented lovely, answering emails/updating Etsy/networking, psychology,computer homework and math haha! What didn't I do today.


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