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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter time :)

What a lovely weekend :)
Veona and Mommy On Easter sunday 4-24-11

This year this happened to be my favorite.  I kind of did not camera obsess this year because I just really wanted to enjoy myself and not have to be behind the lense. 

 Veona getting to go through her basket and presents.
This year I got her 3 gifts and my father did baskets.  I did not want to overload on candy since I new my other friends and realitives would so we got chocolate from Josh Earlies which is a delicacy around here!!! It is soooo well made, mildly organic, and expennnnsive!
So if you are saying to yourself her dress is a Tad outdated???
It was MINEEEE as a toddler!  Neat ehh?  Yes it was hard for me not to get her a dress this year but this was more special and pretty neat although I am not crazy about it haha.

So of course Mommy got her another Monster High Barbie.

Grandmothers house!
The eggs all in the yard and the beautiful yard work my Daddy and I have been doing all week.  It is such a great time, exercise and satisfaction in the lovely look.  Many trips to home depot for the red mulch and flowers.  I have weeded even today and all this week and planted flowers and watered and did some mulching and bow its rewarding and I have come to really LOVEEE and  enjoy it.  I know my grandmother is watching and makes her happy and smile and that makes me the most happy.  Gosh I miss her more than I ever new.  

I love this picture.  

All her eggs :)
She was soooo quick this year and got soo many.

My basket from my Daddy

Some of Veonas

Happy Easter

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