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Friday, April 15, 2011

New things and my Mini.

Well if you all remember a little while ago I talked about these "Record Bowls"  and I decided I liked them so much that I wanted more and I knew I could easily make my own!! After all I am an artist of many trades and love to experiment and create.  These actually turned out wonderful and quite special to me since they are my father old records from back in the 70's!!!  Its neat.  So I picked ironically the records out of his 50 or so that I like THE LEAST because I thought I would feel bad to do a good one such as Styx or Fleetwood Mac or Bad Company etc.  So  I chose The Band, Peter Frampton, and 2 others.  All you do is turn your oven to about 200-250 degrees and let one record on the middle rack for about 1-3 minutes depending on your oven.  It should get flimsy and wobble like.  

Get a decent sized bowl ready to mold it around and into.  Put it in the bowl and mold all of the sides up however you would like and make sure you keep doing so until it is hard which does not take more then about 5-20 seconds depending on how hot it was.  Make sure to use oven mits obviously!  This is a great gift and neat conversational piece.

This was one of them  I made along with 3 others.  I am using them at stores I am selling my new duck tape hair bows at and at my craft shows I will have 4 -6 whole bowls full!!!! I also have a new little addition of bows to the family that I am currently making like crazy!  They are soooo awesome and I cant wait to share them with you next week or so :)  Enjoy the whimsy wondering all ;)

Me showing off a neat red and black ductape bow.  I ended up giving these for my custom order.

Veona time :)
She got a new purse to put her game system and 8 games it!!!
Isnt it awesome!  Its a skull and neat stuff.  It was a bit odd going into the game store with no boy with me lol.  She enjoyed being in there and looking at all the games in Game Stop and all they toys and yada yada.  Shes adorable and still very afraid of the easter bunny lol.
Veona is getting way better at coloring inside the lines and remember she is only 2yrs 2 months old so she is getting there folks.  Look at her staying inside the hearts!  She is such a smart cookie.

LOL her putting on Mommys fake glasses.

Ok so this is my new face mask.  I had a friend tell me about the site LUSh about 4 months ago and I just did not want to spend so much money on one item so I just got an all natural one from my grocery store.  I am so jazzed because first it has cucumber in it which is great for the eyes and skin and its all natural which is better.  I almost dropped dead when i noticed it was not green or brown coming out of the tube!!!  It is clear.  Yes clear isnt that weird??
So it dries on like that clear and then you peel it off!!!!!!!!

How freakin weird but boy does it feel good.  I was worried I would get a rash or break out but I didnt Yes!! Its a keeper.  Excuse my yucky pimples and skin in these two shots lol.  They are not edited and pretty yucky raw!  Although I am fortunate its not worse :)

Dinner the last couple of days.  

BTW honey mustard has always been my fav dressing and this one is to dye for!! It is a tad spicy but yet creamy how awesome.

Well off to my sisters with the kiddos to do more eggs, Make cookies and such and play.
See you after the weekend to re cap over my awesome Atlantic City Get Away!!!!
With love

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