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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Architectural things and HGTV are my obsession lately.

Well in the midst of the insane busy-ness with all I have had somewhat of a new obsession.  I have always been fascinated with and loved decoration as far as houses-buildings-chruches etc.  And my problem is I like soooooooo many styles its impossible to make a "theme" in my home.  So after talking to my 2nd cousin who is a well known very very successful and established architect in Pittsburgh Pa he says "its ok" people are doing that in their homes now a days.  Peter Kreuthmeier is my cousin who does impeccable work specially Modern designs.  I was in total awwwwwwhhh when I saw his work.  He has done the Carnegie Mellon University's library and won awards for it as well as studio work and other homes.  Check out his work I promise you will not be disappointed.  I did not know his work was that astonishing until I went on the website because I never really saw pictures of his work before.  It just made me want something like that moreeeee!

I specifically like the residential arch street loft-house with the modern kitchen and the library the best.  The studio is grand too ;)

For other ideas i look to...
Random Pictures

My father works for Knoll.  If you dont know what or who that is then haha.  Wake up.  It is the utmost high end modern beautiful furniture world wide.  I love their work and have always wanted so many items they design.  My daddy actually builds this superb furniture.  I am very proud however it is so NOTTTT my fathers style lol.  He is very old fashioned, hick type. :)
More knoll items below I have always wanted sooo bad.  Too bad they are like 2,000 $ plus!

Anywho.  The reason this has all come about is finally we are getting a House!! Or should a say a home.  Or gmas old home :)  Its bittersweet but sooo wonderful.  I have been fantasizing of the way I will make Veona her very first OWN ROOM for my beautiful Veona.  I think I shall paint it pink and sponge light green on it.  Then do pink curtains and an Owl theme.  I found amazing owl bed sets and pillows, lamps, rugs on and on and on.  I can not tell you how joyous this is for me.  My first real experience of her in her own space.  I have finally decided to announce this because I have known for awhile but it shall happen this summer.  We are planning to be all moved in by Sept.  If all goes as planned.  There is much remodeling/new roof/new wiring/new basement/kitchen that we shall do :)

Isnt it all darling :)

I love love the bed set She is going to have the most special room ever.  Specially since it was my grandmothers room.  Ohh grandma how I love you and Miss you so.  

I have always envied peoples decorating skills and its time to really put mine to test.  I am usually better in smaller area type of things and now a whole room!!!! As well as many other areas in the home I am excited and terrified haha.  This is emotional and so splendid for me because now I can have my own studio in the basement and my OWNNNN room gosh I have not had that since omg practically never.  Maybe 1 year out of my life and about 2 years when I was younger but yeah it was never my own room the whole time I had to share with my sister prior and such so anyways.  I can not wait to spoil Veona with a bran new toddler bed that converts into a twin bed.  Its white like I always wanted since I never got to get her the white slay crib I wanted for her she shall have this neat bed.
And finally I can get the desk I have wanted :)
This is a designing/ craft desk.  It is sleek, hip, and downright perfect for my needs.

Honestly I can go on and on about what I want to do and such but I think I shall have a glass of wine, watch nip tuck and work on my new custom order I got this past weekend.  I also just got an Etsy sale today :)  Happy

Btw much to say about this weekend and Pure sin butttt its a surprise :)
With love.

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