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Monday, April 11, 2011

School has taken over my life Along with daily life bahah

Easter time means Egggggggs
I love coloring Eggs.  It has always been a lovely tradition and these were neat.  Veona continues to grow and flourish and get better and better and simple yet fun things like this :)

My custom order which I dropped off Friday.  It turned out wonderful.  The gal is such an awesome chick and I really know we will be communicating in the near future.  We both really even inspired each other with new ideas and new shop ideas and I will be trying to get my cupcake bows sold at the bakery called Blondies in catty.  I am stoked.  Very much work ahead of me.  Much thinking and planning and acting and I have still been making new things daily.  I must restock since I have had many ppl and places contact me about my items and having them sold at there stores and other ideas.

 So these were the softball bows and they all came like this with a free red/black duck tape bow since it is my new promotion :)

See these strips.  All turned into bows sheeesh. Hardworkin

New fav tea.  The name gave me a kick as well. Get it?

Colored sand is so much fun so
Veona and I one night made some.  We love arts and crafts.

Night night nappy.
Home made chicken noodle soup I made yesterday.  Something simple yet has some steps to make.  It was smashing so delicious.

lol? any left.

Chicken salad.

Fettichini, salad, and asparagus.

Salmon salad.

Egg salad sandwhich and green beans.

Late night burrito.

One of my last fatening foods. Pizza , wings(my fav hottttt) and stuffed crab mushrooms.

Yup diet for real has started.  And excercising has very much increassed.  Atlantic city hear I come this saturday boy. I AM SOOO EXCITED. 350$ room with my two best girlies, concert, and much ,more. 


  1. Oh. My. God. That looks amazingly delicious...


  2. lol which one ??? I must say I have my favs ;)