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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Bath bombs.  Ahhhh has the best handmade organic cosmetics and there bath bombs are by far my favorite and most appreciated secret pleasure.  There is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath where when you step out dipping when your skin feels like a babys bottom.  Such an elegant, soft, touch.  I crave it more than I can get but it is worth every pennie and second.  They go from 4.95-8 dollars but I usually get the plain white one which is 4.95.  Dont let the boring look trick you!  This one is the most luscious and creamy/lathering one of all!!!! Called the Butter bomb and it truly leaves your skin rejuvinated and silky.  I loveeeee them.

I just got to watch Black Swan last night at my sisters house over some sandwhiches and snacks and it was such a great movie omg!! I did not expect it to be a tad creepy and mind altering ( which are movies i freakkkkkin love!)  It was dark yet graceful :)  What more can you ask for.

 So pampering def means getting your nails done or as I say DOING THEM ON YOUR OWN~
I must say I have been blessed wit FLAWLESS nails.  I get compliments on there shape, strength and colors often and it has always been a fun time painting them :)  It is very nostalgic for me because as a child my sister and I and my gma always painted are nails alllll different colors and this is by far my favorite what a great creation.
It is called Shattered by Katy Perry collection.
It comes in silver and black mostly and the lid is sooo neat.  OPI makes killer nailpolishes that never chip or come off they are sold in high salons or special licenced beauticians stores.  It is fabulous and so neat!! I loveeee it.  Although it may be nearly impossible to find at the store I would go to Amazon.  I even painted veonas nails with it lol.  The trick is to go over an already solid color on your nail with the shade and it will "crackle or shatter"

 My new favorite show and it keeps me soooo tuned in.

 Very old but favorite photo.
Well I have completed my last paper of the semester!!! Shit a total of 13 papers this semester holy freggin crap.  That is 39 pages roughly.  Good lord anywho now I am waiting on my two finals and my final grades which shoul dbe 1A and 2B's I hope :)

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